What can I do, it’s my favorite color!

Yes, blue again! What can I say – I was just relaxing, playing, you know – it’s Sunday, and I came up with these bookmarks and a box. These were all made with recycled materials. Bookmarks were made out of plastic bags and some scraps of fabric and lace, and a box was actually some thin beaten ugly cardboard box that I decoupaged with newspapers and then painted, so now I have something more interesting than wrapping paperΒ  to put a present in when needed.

And because my husband asked me if I could give him one bookmark, I made one for him. A simple one, but he likes it! I made it in no time, and I think it’s more masculine that the others. Well, I couldn’t give him one of these with flowers, right? πŸ™‚ Here it is:

I do feel a bit guilty though, this one is maybe too simple, so I’ll have to spend some more time and make something more interesting for my hubby. He is always so nice and supportive, and always says he likes whatever I make. I feel like I’m neglecting him a bit.

Everything blue

First I would like to show you these gorgeous ATC’s I received from Mary, who hosted the “Blue Bird of Happiness” ATC swap. It was a great theme, and a great fun! I love these cards! The one on the left was made by Sharon and the one on the right is by Lynn Kelman. Beautiful artwork!

Mary also sent me some birdies made (I think) with the Sizzix, and they are so cute! Thank you Mary so much!

And speaking of blue, here are some more photos from Greece πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend everyone!

Home again

Hello friends! I just wanted to let you know that I came back from Greece and that I missed you! πŸ™‚ We had such a wonderful time there! I’m still very tired, so this is a quick post. I have some photos to share with you, but I’ll post just a few this time, more in a couple of days. I also received “Blue Bird of Happiness” ATC’s from Mary, actually Sharon’s and Lynn’s cards, and they are beautiful!!! I will show them to you in my next post. So gorgeous! Mary also sent me some lovely birds, I guess she made them with her Sizzix, (which is something I dream about). πŸ™‚ Thank you so so much Mary!!! I love them!

Kisses to you all! I’m off to bed now πŸ™‚


Scraps and junk mail

I’ve maid some tags using scraps of paper and fabric, with a bit of paint and some sewing. It’s quick and easy project:

I also used some junk mail to make these bookmarks. First I painted them with acrylic pain, then dipped a leaf into a golden paint and pressed onto them. It adds a nice detail, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

It’s so easy to make these things, and costs almost nothing! I have more to finish, and with this crazy hot weather, it’s a perfect thing to do. πŸ™‚

Paper beads, charms and ATC cards

Last night was so much fun! I was making paper beads, rummaging through my bead and charm collection, and I came up with these:

My paper beads are far from perfect, but I love how they look. And the bracelet is probably not finished, I think I should add some more charms to it, but I wanted to show it to you anyway. The best thing is that I already had all these metal bits in my stash, and now I have two nice pieces of jewelry for free! πŸ™‚

I also wanted to show you my new ATC’s. These are made for “Mother Earth ATC Swap” that Louise is hosting at Milliande’s Art Community for Women, and I was inspired to use recycled materials such as plastic bags and paper bags. I also used my handmade paper, which is also made out of recycled paper, and then added some stitching for texture, paint, glitter and shimmer (of course), and pressed leaves and flowers. I am really pleased with these cards, but the most interesting part for me was the learning process. And what did I learn? I learned something about my interpretation of the theme. Since this is my third attempt in making ATC’s, it became obvious to me that my cards are never literal in that interpretation, but always have some (more or less) hidden meaning. That’s why I like making them, it’s a process of exploring my creativity and learning something about my self.

The color of love

If you ask me about red, I would tell you that it’s not one of my favorite colors. So, I really don’t know why I wanted one wall in my bedroom to be red. I love how it turned out, it gives a nice feeling. But, when it comes to clothes, I don’t think I have one red item in my wardrobe. Strange.

And, I also started to paint some items for the bedroom to coordinate with that wall. First I painted a lantern, then a jewelry box.The opposite wall is cream, so I think it looks really nice.

But the best thing was this heart I found in my coffee cup last evening:

Isn’t that lovely?

Breakfast first!

There is nothing better than starting your day with a nice piece of bread with butter and mum’s homemade blackberries in sugar syrup. Yes, I am a sugar addict.

Then, after eating a lot more than showed in the photo, it’s time for some weaving! I have another addiction, and that’s scarves! They are my favorite weaving project. I do weave placemats, poncho’s, yardage, but scarves, oh, I looove weaving scarves! And probably because of the poor weather here, I chose Autumn colors for this one:

It’s going to be so pretty! Simple, elegant, versatile scarf. No crazy weaving this time πŸ™‚

And here is my finished “coffee and cream” beauty (I’m very modest, I know):

You like? πŸ™‚