Fabric Collage (Work in Progress)

Hello lovely people! Here I am with another recycling project! Fabric collage!

As you know, I collect all kinds of materials and junk which I then like to transform into something beautiful and useful. And here is what I’m doing right now – making journal covers from small pieces of fabric (leftovers) and, well, junk. 🙂

I used some plastic, kind of foamy, packaging material as a middle layer of the journal cover.


I’m sorry for the next photo, it’s bad because there was no sun when I took it, but you’ll get the idea of what I was doing. I started stitching fabric scraps onto the plastic, adding fabric pieces randomly and without too much thinking about it.

Sewing onto plastic

Continue adding fabric pieces until you cover the plastic and you will end up with something like this:

Fabric collage

As you can see, after I stitched all the pieces onto the plastic, I then zigzagged the edges so they don’t fray. It also adds details to the whole piece. I like that. Fun! 🙂

Fabric collage

Then it’s time to add the backing, and you can use, again, what ever material you like – paper, fabric, plastic…I used more of my leftover pieces of fabric.

The back

I left it like this and continued working on another collage piece, and then another and another, and I can’t show them all to you now, but I promise I will soon. Here is one more:

Fabric collage

I can’t wait to start hand stitching and decorating this journal cover.

And here is a peek into two small covers, already taking shape and starting to look beautiful. 🙂

Journal covers

This is a wonderful way to tidy up the studio, use all those fabric leftovers and junk, and make something lovely! This doesn’t have to be turned into a journal cover. It could be sewn into a fun clutch or a bag, maybe a set of coasters or oven mitts, or even a doormat! There are so many more possibilities!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

This and That

I have two new books to show you! I made them for a swap themed “Mini book of proverbs”. I have been obsessed with texture lately, as you can see here. 🙂

V1 155

V1 157

I actually filled them with quotes and poems. 🙂

V1 159

V1 160

V1 161

V1 146

V1 148

V1 151

I added pressed leaves and flowers to this one. The combination of flowers and the colors I used (homemade alcohol inks and acrylic paint) reminds me of fairies and enchanted forests.

V1 152

V1 153

Another thing I have to share with you is my new recycling project. Actually, two projects! The first one is the scrappy yarn I’ve been slowly making for quite some time now.

V1 167

Every now and then I take my bag of yarn scraps and while watching listening to TV, I tie them into a new ball of yarn. It’s a slow process, but kind of meditating. I even separated cotton from viscose, black from white, and all those chunky woolly bits were tied together to make that crazy big ball of “everything else”. 🙂

V1 169

So I decided to use some of that lovely crazy yarn (the off white cotton to be precise) , and on top of that I recycled and old bed sheet to weave this rug!

V1 173

Look at all those knots coming through and giving a nice texture to the rug! That’s what I wanted to achieve!

V1 179

They are a bit shy now but they will come out even more after I wash it.

V1 177

I am happy with my new rug! 🙂 Imagine the possibilities with that scrappy yarn, not only in weaving but also in knitting and crocheting! Oohhh, so many ideas are coming to my mind!

Have a great weekend everyone!


My Junk Journal

All kinds of papers, envelopes, this and that. What was a pile of junk now is a lovely journal. It could stay as it is, but I want to write in it, add more stuff, glue, paint, draw, doodle, just have fun!. 🙂

) 014

) 015

) 016

) 021

) 024

I made it some time ago, but it had no decorated cover, so a couple of days ago I finally finished it. And I finished two pages also! The other ones are kinda half done. 🙂

) 027

) 030

I’m obsessed with blue, brown and gold.

) 031

I love it! My new toy! 🙂

) 013

I’m hoping to show you my handwoven cushions and other things next time, and I also hope to open again my Etsy shop in a week or so.Fingers crossed! I can’t wait! 🙂

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Scraps and Hearts

I think there is no hope of getting my studio in order. I try and try to clean it and make it look, well, not like a bomb site (lol!), but almost every time I do that, I find so many interesting things and get easily distracted. 🙂 How can I sort through my laces and doilies and not get inspired? How can I look at those tea dyed fabrics, scraps of silk and cotton, and just put them away? It’s impossible! I think next time when my muse “goes on holiday”, I should start cleaning up and she will be with me right away! 🙂

Maybe you remember the scrappy fabric from one of my previous posts:

## 088

It doesn’t look like much in that photo, but I made some cute things out of it.

Two cosmetic bags:

.. 032

And a journal:

.. 023

.. 024

It has pink and pale lilac handmade paper inside, with a little bit of lace, just to connect the inside with the cover. Maybe I should name it “Button love”. 🙂 Here is the back:

.. 026

I also finally finished this journal. I love the brown velvet:

## 087

It also has handmade paper inside, dyed with acrylic paint and tea.

.. 021

Since I don’t like throwing anything away (that’s why my studio is always a mess), I made some hearts out of scraps of fabric and lace, and they will be used for journal covers or to decorate a purse or something. Sewing these pretties is a wonderful way to be creative without having a pressure of working on a big piece, but also it’s great for using all those bits and pieces that are lying around.

.. 030

Sewing with small pieces of fabric makes me feel like I am working in my Art Journal. My thoughts and feelings are pieced together, making a solid piece of fabric that has a much deeper meaning than a “plain” piece of fabric would. Working in Art Journal makes me feel free and able to express my feelings without thinking too much about what I do or how I do it. It feels good to just be spontaneous. The same thing happens when I make these scrappy pieces.

Speaking of Art Journal, I have four new pages to show you. 🙂

.. 002

This is my handmade journal with textured handmade paper inside. I love it! But there are only a few blank pages in it left to work on, so I will have to make another one. What a great excuse to make more paper. 🙂

.. 006

.. 010

.. 011

.. 014

.. 017

.. 007

.. 008

Have a great day! 🙂

.. 013





Scraps and junk mail

I’ve maid some tags using scraps of paper and fabric, with a bit of paint and some sewing. It’s quick and easy project:

I also used some junk mail to make these bookmarks. First I painted them with acrylic pain, then dipped a leaf into a golden paint and pressed onto them. It adds a nice detail, don’t you think? 🙂

It’s so easy to make these things, and costs almost nothing! I have more to finish, and with this crazy hot weather, it’s a perfect thing to do. 🙂