Paper beads, charms and ATC cards

Last night was so much fun! I was making paper beads, rummaging through my bead and charm collection, and I came up with these:

My paper beads are far from perfect, but I love how they look. And the bracelet is probably not finished, I think I should add some more charms to it, but I wanted to show it to you anyway. The best thing is that I already had all these metal bits in my stash, and now I have two nice pieces of jewelry for free! πŸ™‚

I also wanted to show you my new ATC’s. These are made for “Mother Earth ATC Swap” that Louise is hosting at Milliande’s Art Community for Women, and I was inspired to use recycled materials such as plastic bags and paper bags. I also used my handmade paper, which is also made out of recycled paper, and then added some stitching for texture, paint, glitter and shimmer (of course), and pressed leaves and flowers. I am really pleased with these cards, but the most interesting part for me was the learning process. And what did I learn? I learned something about my interpretation of the theme. Since this is my third attempt in making ATC’s, it became obvious to me that my cards are never literal in that interpretation, but always have some (more or less) hidden meaning. That’s why I like making them, it’s a process of exploring my creativity and learning something about my self.

9 thoughts on “Paper beads, charms and ATC cards

  1. The beads are lovely Sonja – blue being one of my favorite colors I really love them. I am afraid my home made beads are rather on the lumpy side and n where near as attractive.

    The ATC cards are wonderful, I never thought of using recycled materials – that’s clever. I hope I get one of your cards at least. I love the sailing one of course, but the fishes are lovely too!

  2. Sonja ~ Just by the pieces you showed yesterday, I knew I would love your finished work ~ First, the necklace is DIVINE – I am unsure of what paper beads are (do you make the beads? or buy them?) but they are amazingly beautiful … Did I ever tell you I love charm bracelets? I have a few different ones, but I am in love with the one you created because it is silver – My wedding ring set is platinum so I find myself gravitating more towards silver these days … Love, love, love it!

    I also LOVE the ATC’s … Sonja … Honestly, I love your vision, your work, your art … I love each one (especially the one with the heart – of course!), the one with the fish, the flowers, the sea … All elements that we hold so close to our hearts … You continue to amaze and inspire me!

    Never doubt your creativity … You were born with this gift!

  3. Sonja your art as usual is wonderful I love how the beads turned out and I Think your ATCs are great. I am not sure how you used the bags ,whenever I melt them to use in my work I find the fumes very overpowering even with the window open.

  4. Thank you Mary! About the bags – I don’t know why you get that smell out of them, mine don’t smell at all. Maybe it has something to do with the type of plastic?

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