What can I do, it’s my favorite color!

Yes, blue again! What can I say – I was just relaxing, playing, you know – it’s Sunday, and I came up with these bookmarks and a box. These were all made with recycled materials. Bookmarks were made out of plastic bags and some scraps of fabric and lace, and a box was actually some thin beaten ugly cardboard box that I decoupaged with newspapers and then painted, so now I have something more interesting than wrapping paperΒ  to put a present in when needed.

And because my husband asked me if I could give him one bookmark, I made one for him. A simple one, but he likes it! I made it in no time, and I think it’s more masculine that the others. Well, I couldn’t give him one of these with flowers, right? πŸ™‚ Here it is:

I do feel a bit guilty though, this one is maybe too simple, so I’ll have to spend some more time and make something more interesting for my hubby. He is always so nice and supportive, and always says he likes whatever I make. I feel like I’m neglecting him a bit.

6 thoughts on “What can I do, it’s my favorite color!

  1. It seems “Everything Blue” fits you quite well ~ I love the decorated box – Beautifully Decorated ~ I also love ALL the bookmarks ~ My Mom’s favorite color is Blue – So everytime you post something in Blue – It makes me think of her – Anyways – Love all the bookmarks – And I like how you created one for your husband that is more masculine … Simple, but perfect just the same!

  2. Sonja I just discovered your lovely blog and wanted to let you knowthat i love your technique with the recycled plastic bags, and would love to learn more.

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