My weaving

To be honest with you, I don’t have a favorite weaving pattern. I love them all equally. They can be complex

or more simple patterns

Then there are some I weave often because they sell very well.

But what I love the most is combining different yarns and different colors. I think it’s because I’m never quite sure how the finished piece would look like, even though I have an idea of what I want to achieve, but until it’s finished the whole process has a bit of mystery to it, so that is like an adventure for me.

Here is a scarf done with different yarns in shades of blue:

Then some Autumn colors:

And here is the one that’s on my loom right now. It’s a combination of cotton and mohair, very light and airy, and for now I am very satisfied with how it looks.

As I said, I have an idea of what I want it to look like, and for now I think the yarn has been behaving very good. πŸ™‚ I used mohair to achieve the soft “wintery” look, without it being too dense and “heavy”. I want this scarf to look wonderful with any outfit – a coat, a denim jacket, a sweater.

Here is another cotton/wool/mohair scarf in green tones, not that “lacy” as the one I’m doing now, but oh so soft!

Whatever I weave, the most exciting thing for me is the element of surprise that is present in every handwoven piece. No matter if you weave with the pattern or without, Β there is at least a tiny possibility that something could turn out differently than you’ve imagined, which of course doesn’t apply if you use the same pattern and the same yarn many times, but I often feel that it should be a waste of time for me to do the same thing over and over again when there are so many new things to try – new drafts, new yarn, combinations are endless!

So, let’s wait and see how this purple loveliness turns out, and then I’ll be diving into more color combinations. I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

So many gifts!

It is absolute joy to open my mailbox lately! I received so many gifts from dear friends around the world! Wonderful ATCs, gorgeous inchies, so much goodies to add to my projects, oh, it’s pure delight!

I participated in a “Stash Swap” at Milliande’s and my Swap partner was Rita from Latvia who sent me an envelope filled with goodies I can’t wait to use in my projects!

Beads, papers, fibers, fabric, and more gorgeous things! Thank you Rita!

Then another wonderful surprise came from England! Mary sent me a Flinchie – which is a combination of a Prayer Flag and Inchies, another swap at Milliande’s that was hosted by Kalona and was great fun! I just love what Mary created for me, it’s made with velvet and ribbons, amethyst, machine stitched inchies, flowers, and it has words “Believe” and “Dream” on it. Thank you Mary!

The photo I took is really bad, I’m sorry it’s not showing well how beautiful it is.

Mary also added a few extra things in the package, some tags, lovely cutouts (I hope that’s how they are called) and a beautiful tag! I love Mary’s art!

But then, another package from Mary arrived today! She was so generous to send me a Sizzix die! How great is that! I was blown away! And it’s not just any die, it’s the one I wanted to buy while I was in the US but the store didn’t have it! Sooo cool! Me happy! πŸ™‚

I am going to have such a great time using all these loveliness! Thank you my dear friends! It’s like Christmas came early this year! πŸ™‚

Lack of inspiration

It looks like my inspiration has gone on holiday. For some reason, I can’t start working properly, even though I have tons of ideas. But they just can’t come out of me. My head is buzzing, but nothing’s been done. My yarn is waiting to be woven into something beautiful, but I just can’t start! I hate when that happens!

So, to keep my self from going insane, I’ve been Β playing with paper these days, hoping for that “Eureka” moment. I started making another mini album which is going to be a gift for a dear friend of mine. I am using some gorgeous papers I brought from the US, and the album is going to be a bit more romantic and feminine that I’m used to. But I like how it’s coming together. Photos coming soon! πŸ™‚ Also, I made some cute Christmas ornaments using newspapers, masking tape, junk mail, paints, and some beads. So, nothing bought, and everything found around the house, which I like! Playing without spending money. Nice! I’m sorry my photos are so bad, (actually they are SO bad I can’t show you all of them). But this is how it started: making a small cone and adding masking tape or decoupaging newspaper to add some texture, but not too much.

Then on one cone I added a little bit of yarn and paint, and also some puff paint, so now it looks like this:

I also used some crazy fluffy yarn, or I just painted the cone and glued beads on it. But here is my favorite one – paint, glitter, stamps and big pearls – it looks like a bell.

So, it seems like my inspiration hasn’t left me completely, but I miss my “normal” state, which would be something like that Tasmanian Devil from the cartoon “The Bugs Bunny Show” – I hope you remember that, LOL! Usually I have too many ideas and so much energy, but not enough time to do everything I’d like to do, and these days I seem to have the ideas but no energy. Hmmm….Maybe a chocolate cake would cure me? What do you think? πŸ™‚

Fresh from the oven

I’ve been making some Christmas ornaments today, but they are not finished so I can’t show you that, hehe. Instead I decided to share with you another thing I made today, and that is Β Cheese bread. It’s one of those things that I don’t have a recipe for, I just mix a few ingredients and see what happens. And it came out great!

Here’s what I did:

About a table spoon of dry yeast, a tea spoon of sugar, 1 1/2 tsp salt, 1 egg, about 400 ml water, 1/2 cup flax seeds, 1/2 cup butter, and cheese as much or as little as you like – I’ve put about 1 1/2 cup of crumbled cheese. Now, I’m talking about “white” cheese, and here we have some gorgeous cheeses; for this bread I used mixed cow and sheep cheese, but you could use Feta or any other. The point is that it has a nice flavor. Then add flour until it’s very hard to mix it with the spoon but still too sticky to be kneaded by hand. Leave it to double in size, then bake at 200 C. All you need with it (well, I didn’t need anything, LOL) is some nice Prosciutto and a glass of beer! Or maybe just yogurt. πŸ™‚

Bon appetit!

Beautiful things

I wanted to share with you some gorgeous things I received in the last couple of days. And Β I wanted to explain how grateful I am for Milliande, and for the new friends, for the swaps and all that lovely art, but tonight is a bit hard to find the right words. It would be easier in Serbian, but then most of you wouldn’t understand me. πŸ™‚ Β So no more trying for me. I’ll just say THANK YOU!

Patty’s gorgeous twinchie box:

“Windows ATC Swap” – Dawna’s and Christine’s lovely cards:

“Halloween in Wonderland ATC Swap” – Marie Austen, Laurie Damer, Mel-made and T.Koorey:

Another great swap is the “Prayer Fl-Inchie swap” hosted by Kalona. I’m waiting for Mary‘s Flinchie to arrive and I know it’s going to be wonderful!! I finished my Flinchie which is going to be mailed tomorrow to Letizia. I hope she will like it. I don’t want to show the whole thing until she receives it, but here is a part of it:

It was made with tea bags, plastic mesh, chains, stamps, liquid pearls, markers, charms, beads, bling, etc.

I also had wonderful time this weekend with my family, it was my mother’s birthday.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day / evening! πŸ™‚

I’m back!

Hi friends! Here I am, finally home and ready to start some new projects! Oh, I’ve had a wonderful time in the US, and I would love to go back one day! But I’ve missed my family and I missed my studio, which by the way (the studio I mean) is a bit like a bomb site! And why is that? – well, someone had too much fun shopping for art supplies, and now my little art/craft space looks even smaller! But I’m happy! I have a new friend, and his name is Sizzix! πŸ™‚

How cute! I’m not a “pink type” of girl, but I sure love this little thing! πŸ™‚

And so much more things to play with:

And that’s not all!

I can’t wait to start making all kinds of things! But first I have to make room for new “toys”, which means I will have to turn my studio upside down. Maybe it’s a good thing after all, it does need a good clean, LOL!

Have a great day everyone! πŸ™‚