I finished this little thing today, and it’s so cute!!! Handwoven, painted, sewn, with some doodling and two big buttons. Oh, how will I ever choose which one to keep, and which ones to sell?

I have so many ideas for new purses, but I’ll have to weave some nice cloth first. Ooohh, so many plans, so little time! But I like when I’m in this mood, full of inspiration and energy. I have to exploit it while it lasts! I never know when it’s going to leave me. Although, it always comes back, thankfully! 🙂

Weaving and sewing

Hi there! Here I am with something new! The fun never stops! Instead of relaxing by the river (which I can see from my window), or reading a good book, or whatever people do on weekends, I was making these beauties! I have woven some nice -off white -cotton with a bit of dark blue, and after I’ve finished it, all I could see were purses! My new passion. I started making them about ten days ago, and now I can’t stop. But it is fun! Well, it’s a lot of work actually, but I love doing what I do, so for me it’s always fun.

I know, my photos are terrible, and I should have stuffed the purses just to show how nice they look with something inside, but I was in a hurry to capture some sunshine because we are going to have thunder storm here ( I can hear it coming right now ). Maybe now I could take a break with a good book… The Clash of Kings – that’s the book!

Play day -again

Just a quick post about how to avoid house work. Take a toilet paper roll, cut it in half, paint with acrylics, add some glue and some ribbon, then paint again, wrap it with rope, paint some more, and voila! You have a simple and original napkin holder!

Now, I really have to go and do some cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, etc. You know, the fun stuff! 😦

Blue and more blue

I’m in a blue phase again. I always say that my favorite color is violet, but now, when I think about it, it seems that my favorite color is blue! It’s everywhere – in my weaving, in my books and journals, and now my new scrapbook album. Also, when I looked at my paint brushes the other day, guess what: they all had a bit of blue paint on them! So, now it’s official! Blue is my favorite color! And here it is:

The album:

A new purse:

And another purse:

A tag:

Detail from my desk:

A piece of glass underneath the jar was actually taken out of the picture frame because I used the frame for some project and thought of tossing the glass.But then I thought of keeping it to paint on it, because it can be washed. And, it’s time to be washed again, but I love how it looks, all covered in paint, and the one that stands out the most – is blue! I even have some more stuff to show you, but I haven’t taken the photos yet, so next time – more blue.

Playing again

While I wait for my new handwoven piece to dry after being washed, why not play a bit? Take a simple little basket (or two), and give them a new look! These are small, less than 15 cm in diameter. They were too plain, so I decided to add a little bit of color and a few embellishments, and now they look so much nicer!

From this:

To this:

And from this:

To this:

Perfect package for a small gift? Or just – a gift? 🙂


I’ve finished my album! It took a while because I was busy weaving and playing with some other stuff ;), but it’s finished now, and I am pretty satisfied how it turned out. I tried to make a romantic album, but to be honest, after a good start with the front page, my “browns and blacks and hearts” sneaked in, and I realized I can’t escape from that. So, here it is:

Front page:

Pages one and two:

Three and four:









And the back:

And a side view:

And that’s it! And now I have to finish some beauty that is waiting on my loom, and then I will be ready to clean up my desk and start making some new pretty things! In fact, I already started, but just a little bit 😉 I will say nothing more… 😉