The color of love

If you ask me about red, I would tell you that it’s not one of my favorite colors. So, I really don’t know why I wanted one wall in my bedroom to be red. I love how it turned out, it gives a nice feeling. But, when it comes to clothes, I don’t think I have one red item in my wardrobe. Strange.

And, I also started to paint some items for the bedroom to coordinate with that wall. First I painted a lantern, then a jewelry box.The opposite wall is cream, so I think it looks really nice.

But the best thing was this heart I found in my coffee cup last evening:

Isn’t that lovely?

9 thoughts on “The color of love

  1. Sonja – What can I say? We have so much in common – I think we are “Soul Sisters” – Red is not a favorite of mine, either – But I do like the color as an accent piece – Your new pieces are adorable – I love the heart box (of course!) – and you are quite lucky to have found that beautiful heart in your coffee mug … What a nice surprise! I think this speaks volumes of the love you have around you!

  2. I am like you Sonja I have bought red clothes but rarely wear them. I did change my cushion covers for red at Christmas and it did bring a feeling of warmth.

  3. Sonja – I had painted a cigar box and decorated it with buttons – Your beautiful red box reminded me of this – I will photograph it and send it to you … Today escaped me … I really do not know where the time went … More tomorrow, S …

  4. How wonderful that you noticed this little heart detail. I imagine you have to really be in the moment to spot small things like this…love that you’re looking with eyes wide open.

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