Just Something I Made

I’ve been having lots of work in my apartment lately having windows replaced, and not that much time to create. But I had to spend at least an hour a day making something, even though everywhere around me was dust and mess. So here are some things I made:

First are miniature books I made for a swap at Milliande’s, the one that I am hosting. 🙂 Silk, cotton, lace, beads, paint, handmade paper, fabric glitter paint, machine and hand stitched. They measure 2×1,5 inch.

These are fun to make, and a great way to use your scraps of fabric and paper.

Then I crocheted a case for my new phone, a simple one, but I think I will make more just to see how else I could embellish it. 🙂

I also worked on Kalona’s and mine collaboration project. I’ve sent her my handwoven fabric and some lace, along with some pieces that my Grandmother crocheted, and Kalona sent me gorgeous felt and fibers in beautiful colors, silk, yarn, oh, so many lovely things! I really had a hard time to decide what to make and how to incorporate those pieces into my work. First I started by cutting handwoven fabric into four pieces. As the plan was to make one piece for my self and one to send to Kal, I wanted to be sure I’ll like what I make, so I made four, in case two wouldn’t turn out right. And that was a good thing to do, because two of them really didn’t come out right.Well, at least that’s what my always too critical mind says.

Anyway, I can’t show you the finished piece because it has to be a surprise for Kalona, but here is a detail showing the first stage, before I added hand stitching.

And that’s pretty much it for now. I will have to show you my newest handwoven scarf some other time, because it’s not washed and ironed yet. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Green Lace and more

Here is my latest creation, a handwoven lace scarf, made with cotton and viscose, with a little bit of shimmer. (well, that’s almost a must for me lately).

The colors are much brighter than they are in the photo, and you can’t see the shimmer but it’s there! 🙂

This little thing will add color and texture to any outfit. I’m very satisfied how it turned out.

Another great thing that happened today was something that came in the mail – a book by Rebekah Meier “More Fabric Art Collage” that I won on her blog giveaway.

This book is amazing! It is filled with tons of techniques and ideas for making gorgeous art with all kinds of materials! Paper, fabric, clay, stamps, dyes, metal etc.

I will enjoy reading it and learning from this book. Thank you Rebekah!

Then I received gorgeous bookmarks from Dorothy, as part of a “Bookmark Swap, Love Faith Hope” at Milliande’s:

And here are my ATCs made for “Gypsy ATC Swap” at Milliande’s:

Have a great day everyone! 🙂