Yummy breakfast!

There are some things I can’t imagine life without, and one of them (if not the first on the list,lol!) is bread. And I make it often. Also, I try to make a different kind of bread each time, so that it’s never boring, but to feel like a treat. So today I made a bread with half white flour, half whole wheat flour, butter, and a bit of organic sesame and flax seeds. But, before I shaped each one into a little ball and added more butter to the center,


I took a small amount to make my absolutely favorite – flat bread.

When you do it like this, in a dry non stick pan, it’s actually diet bread! Right? LOL!

Anyway, another good thing about flat bread is that it’s ready to eat in a minute! And here is what it looked like after that one minute:

I can’t describe how good it was! As you can see, I already ate half of the first one before I took the photo! 🙂

Guess who was trying to help in the kitchen:

Today for lunch, I will make some nice burgers with lots of garlic, onion, parsley, and a bit of sheep cheese. Oohhh, I am hungry already!

Nothing special

I don’t know what is going on with this weather, but it seems like we had Spring and then Autumn. Maybe in a month or two we might get some snow? 🙂

It’s absolutely not very inspiring for me to look at the gray skies and rain all day. I need sunshine to keep me moving, sometimes literally. Lately, all I want to do is to sleep.

And with some not very fun things that needed to be dealt with in the last week or so, I haven’t done much of anything artistic. An ugly page in my art journal, a lot of baking and cooking, a lot of eating and slowly gaining weight, a delivery of my little books to a store and some of them being sold almost instantly (which was the only good thing lately), I can tell you I just feel kinda “deflated”. Not that I don’t have ideas or inspiration, because I do. I just feel tired. Mentally tired.

But I don’t want to sound like I’m whining or something, it’s not that bad! After all, I did manage to clean up my studio a bit, and even make some T-shirt yarn.

It’s not a continuous yarn, because the T shirts were full of seams, but it has a nice length for a weaving project I have in mind. I want to make a doggie bed spread, because I haven’t made any in a couple of years and I think Meda deserves a new one. 🙂 The first one I made for him was a quilt made with recycled jeans, then the second was a quilt made with recycled summer dresses, which is a bit girly, but Meda doesn’t seem to mind,LOL! So this one will be another recycling project, and I can’t wait to start! But first I have to finish a scarf that waited for too long to be worked on.

My mother once noticed that my dog sleeps on a very valuable bed, as it’s handmade and unique.  LOL!  But he is my baby and I love making things for him.  I just baked two pans of cookies for him, because I want him to eat healthy treats. But then I made another batch for me and my hubby, and that was something we really didn’t need late in the evening. 🙂 Oh well, now it’s too late to be sorry.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Do I smell cookies? I have to go! 🙂

Books books books!

I’ve had a wonderful week! And the reason for that was – inspiration! A ton of it! I was so in the bookmaking zone, that everything else seemed irrelevant. And everything was so easy to do! Well, my hands and fingers hurt, and my butt feels numb from all that sitting, but who cares! I have so many gorgeous little books to look at, to sell, to give, to own! I can’t explain how good I feel! But I have a feeling you kinda noticed by now, and I promise, I am not drunk or on drugs, it’s just “bookmaking high” thing,LOL!

Anyway, the only thing that bothers me are the photos, which for some reason didn’t turn out quite right, no matter how many times I photographed, or if it was it inside or outside, they just are not good enough. But, I can’t help it now, so here are some of the photos, and yes, there are a couple of pendants that are not books, but I just felt like trying some new things. 🙂

Those were the necklaces, and here are some tiny books made into earrings:

Then some slightly bigger books:

And another great thing this week was that I found two bags full of books by the entrance of my building, and they are all hard cover, so now I have fourteen books to play with! Some are quite large, about 30cm nigh, and I can see them becoming great art journals. Apparently, someone didn’t want them anymore, and to be honest, who would want a book about installing heating in commercial buildings! 🙂 But they are all in excellent condition! More fun for me! Yay! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 🙂

Rainy day

Strange weather here. Yesterday was very hot, and today was cold and rainy. And I am never in a good mood when it’s dark and cloudy. I need sunshine to keep me motivated and inspired, so nothing much was done today. Except for a couple of small leather books. I even made a necklace using one book, which is not something I usually do, but I had to try. It turned out not too bad.

It’s tiny, only about an inch high. I am sorry I didn’t take a better photo, as it has my handmade papers inside, and with a love poem or something else written in it, it would be just perfect. But I will do that some other day.

And here are my latest journal pages:

I used the same quotes in my journal as I used for the bookmarks I made for the Swap at Milliande’s.

I made these couple of days ago, and they are on their way to England. The theme was “Love, Faith and Hope”, and to be honest, I had no idea what to make at first. I even threw away one set of bookmarks because I wasn’t satisfied how they turned out. Then, as I was making some stamps, I decided to use them in this project, and in just half an hour or so, the bookmarks were finished! I painted some recycled cardboard, decoupaged text, played with my stamps, added a few touches with pen here and there, and voila! Happy me. 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

I’m still here :)

Yes, I am. I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, and I feel guilty, but it’s just that kind of period I guess, when it seems like nothing is happening. But first my hubby was sick, then me, and in the meantime I just felt kinda lazy. 🙂

The only thing I did was playing in my Art Journal and Smash/Trash/Scrapbook Journal. So that’s all I have to share now, but tomorrow I plan to be more productive!  Oh well, we’ll see about that. 🙂

I made some leaf stamps:

And then just relaxed with a good book. Well, you can’t see the book, only my happy socks,LOL!