Yummy breakfast!

There are some things I can’t imagine life without, and one of them (if not the first on the list,lol!) is bread. And I make it often. Also, I try to make a different kind of bread each time, so that it’s never boring, but to feel like a treat. So today I made a bread with half white flour, half whole wheat flour, butter, and a bit of organic sesame and flax seeds. But, before I shaped each one into a little ball and added more butter to the center,


I took a small amount to make my absolutely favorite – flat bread.

When you do it like this, in a dry non stick pan, it’s actually diet bread! Right? LOL!

Anyway, another good thing about flat bread is that it’s ready to eat in a minute! And here is what it looked like after that one minute:

I can’t describe how good it was! As you can see, I already ate half of the first one before I took the photo! 🙂

Guess who was trying to help in the kitchen:

Today for lunch, I will make some nice burgers with lots of garlic, onion, parsley, and a bit of sheep cheese. Oohhh, I am hungry already!

8 thoughts on “Yummy breakfast!

  1. Oh yum!! I love bread- all kinds, but healthy, brown, nutty, seedy, crunchy bread most…or french baguette if I have coffee- old habits die hard- I love to dunk. it’s a shame that it blows me up, I think I’m intolerant (well, hubby would say that’s stating the obvious, but I meant to the breads,lol!) I’d rather make my own, but that only encourages me to eat it…
    I can smell the bread baking…..

  2. I swear I could smell it from here! There is nothing like the smell of bread baking! Hello Meda…you are a gorgeous creature!

  3. Your flatbread looks delicious – Something I would definately love – We seem to love all the same things – I think getting along would be quite easy – All Around. I loved the photo of the bread process, but most of all the beautiful baby under the counter … Adorable!

    • Eliza, I don’t have an exact recipe, but here is how I do it: about 400 mil of water (or mix of water and milk), 40 grams of fresh yeast, a table spoon of sugar, a tea spoon of salt, a little bit of flour, mix and let it rise a bit. Then add flour of your choice (whole wheat is of course the best) until it forms a soft dough , knead a bit and then leave it to rise. Then, when it’s almost double in size, knead just a bit to get rid of air bubbles, then put into a pan and leave to rise again. Then bake at about 180 – 200 C. You will have a lot of bread with this batch.
      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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