The Flood

Maybe you saw it on the news, maybe you didn’t. I know that many people don’t even know where Serbia is, and that’s ok. It’s a small country in the Balkan, (and not in Africa as BBC reported at first!!!).

We had a LOT of rain for almost a week, and now the whole country is flooded. So much devastation. People lost lives, people lost their homes. Some of us were lucky to avoid the worst. Although it is not over yet, we are still waiting to see if the rivers are going to rise more or not.




Words (or photos) can not describe how hard the situation is.

People are trying to help those in need and I am so proud when I see how fast we managed to collect food, clothes, blankets, water and many many other things that are desperately needed (baby food, diapers, soap…). I am proud of all those men who immediately stepped in to defend cities and villages from the water. I am proud of young people who are volunteering at the collective centers, delivering food and water and working so hard, always with the smile on their faces.

We still need help! If you can donate, here is a link for that:

Thank you!!!