A Lovely Weekend and a Journal

Sunny Autumn days. Perfect for riding a bike! 🙂

Me and my bike

And going to less urban areas.






But also great for making journals!

Handwoven fabric, lace, cotton, beads etc. Mixed papers inside. Hand and machine stitched, my big fat white journal, perfect for writing quotes and other inspiring things from the books I read.  🙂 My current “book stuff” journal is almost full, so this new one will be just perfect for that. Do you write down interesting stuff from the books you read? When I was about nine or ten, my mother suggested I should do that and I have been doing it ever since. I wish I also wrote down a title of every book that I’ve read, but I didn’t. 😦

Anyway, here are the photos:

White Journal

White Journal

White Journal

White Journal

White Journal

Have a great day! 🙂

A Wonderful Weekend

Sunny weather means spending time outside with hubby and our dog. With a bit of shopping of course. 🙂

Y5 067

A pair of shoes for me!

Y5 122

Meda probably thought I was going to the moon or something and went completely mad about the swing, LOL!

Y5 081

Y5 095

Y5 096

Y5 106

Kisses! 🙂

Y5 088

A bit of swimming.

Grocka 2014 054

Hubby likes to photograph birds. 🙂

Grocka 2014 044

And other things. 🙂

Grocka 2014 068

Grocka 2014 003

I photographed some of my journal pages!

Y5 047

Y5 048

Y5 050

The next two are not finished yet, I’m looking forward to see what I’ll come up with. 🙂

Y5 052

Y5 054

Y5 056

My cousin gave me a huge bag full of books. There are nearly forty books there, ready to be altered! Pure joy!


It’s funny how people react when I tell them that I want their “trash”. Old doilies, buttons, ribbons, books, all kinds of things they wanted to throw out but felt bad about it. When they give those things to me, they feel better knowing they will be reused or recycled, and I feel great having more things to play with or to make art. So everybody’s happy. 🙂


Happy End

Another wonderful weekend was spent in the mountains with my parents. It was extremely hot here in Belgrade, so we had to escape.

It was like “Animal Planet” live! 🙂

A 025

A 068

A 064

A 088

I live in a wonderful part of Belgrade which is full of parks and greenery, with Sava river just a hundred meters from my building. But for me it feels like it’s not a ‘true’ nature. Trees and birds seem so different in the mountains, more natural and free.

A 078

Boots were a must there; when it’s warm, snakes come out! 🙂

A 084

We found one (edible) mushroom, and gorgeous herbs for tea. Not bad. 🙂

A 100

But most importantly, we have a little family in our yard! I’m not sure how these birds are called but they are so cute!

A 109

They made the nest in a straw bag (with magazines), which hangs outside of the gazebo.

A 049

At first my father didn’t want to remove the plastic “windows” because he didn’t want to scare the birds, but the birds (mom and dad) kept flying inside the gazebo and didn’t know how to come out because of the plastic.

A 050

So he carefully started to take it down, trying not to stress the birdies too much. But, even though he had the best intentions, he accidently shook the bag, and the babies fell out of it. They could fly just a bit, so at least they were not hurt, but we were all so scared for them! I started collecting them and putting them back into the nest, but one baby flew a bit further and camouflaged so well in the grass, it took us quite a while to find it. My dad was so desperate to find it, and I wanted that little bird to be safe in the nest, not only for it’s own good, but also for my dad, because I knew he felt so guilty. But I found it, and put it back into the nest, which was an incredible relief for all of us! Then we waited a bit to see if the birds calmed down, and when they started feeding their young, and everything was ok again, we decided to go home and not disturb them anymore. A disaster avoided. I can’t describe how awful we all felt when those babies fell out of the nest. But everything is fine again, they will not be disturbed anymore. My parents are even postponing fixing the roof because of the birds.

So, it’s a happy ending. Four lives saved. And a good thing we have a dog who doesn’t have hunting skills, he just wanted to swim and wasn’t impressed with birds at all. 🙂

A 030

Latest Works

I finally finished weaving, washing and sewing pillow cases and a couch spread ( if that’s what it’s called?) for the customer. I think they came out beautifully, although the photos are very bad. Sorry for that. 🙂

C 004

I didn’t have the right pillows so the pillow cases look a bit saggy, but at least I have photos as a memory. I so often forget to photograph my work and when it sells it’s all gone.

C 005

C 011

I almost wish my customer won’t like it, so that I could keep these beauties for my self. You can see they go perfectly with my couch. 🙂

Then another customer wanted a table cloth, also off white, so that was done too.

) 007

We had another two sunny days over the weekend, which is almost a miracle lately, so we went to a lovely park here in Belgrade and enjoyed walking and photographing.

F 018

F 019

F 022

F 023

There was a very old house in the middle of the park, charming and sad at the same time.

F 034

F 042

We were even able to look inside, and this wall caught my attention. Someone lived in this house, and now it’s all empty.

F 045

I wonder who was looking through this window years ago.

F 051

A photo of my guys 🙂

F 064

I finished another altered book. Sometimes I start working with a certain plan, and then it’s like the piece that I’m working on has a plan of it’s own. I wanted to make something dark, more black and grey, but it turned out silver and lacy. I have no idea how that happened.

E 002

E 006

E 009

E 014

E 015

E 017

And another fabric journal. It’s called “The fish”, and I guess my wish to go to the seaside is showing through my work. This journal is very thick, about 3 inches. I added my handmade leather beads to the closure and am very tempted to keep this one for my self. (Well, that’s nothing new, right? LOL!)

E 051

Handmade paper inside, of course.

E 056

E 060

The same thing happened with this journal, as with the altered book. I started with something else in mind, but then the lace that I’ve cut looked like fish, and the crocheted chain when sewn onto the cover looked like waves to me, then I added the beads and sequins….

Well, if it wants to be what it wants to be, I’m ok with that. 🙂

Have a great time everyone!





A Little Break

Ten days out of the big city, concrete and traffic was just the thing I needed. We took our camera and headed to the mountains for a much needed break. No Internet, no cell phones, only a nice weather and a long walks in nature. Bliss!



With an occasional visit to the historic sites and spas. 🙂



Having fun with the new camera lenses, photographing gorgeous creatures and flowers:





Jumping into the water 🙂


Rolling in the grass:


Beautiful Nature, calming and healing:


It’s all about balance. Going to the mountains helps me feel relaxed and refreshed, and then I can go back to the city, work and other everyday things. But it always feels good to come back home. 🙂

Morning Walk and other things

It was a bit cloudy at first

10.12. 017

10.12. 024

But then the sun came out

10.12. 026

And it was wonderful!

10.12. 031

Then it was time for creating.

10.12. 004

Paper cones decoupaged with old book pages and tissue paper, glittered, painted, with sequins and bling. Nice ornaments. 🙂

10.12. 006

Decorated wooden ornaments with even more glitter

10.12. 008

10.12. 012

I like glitter! 🙂

New Years Eve is coming! I can’t wait!

Inspired by Autumn

I still don’t like Autumn very much. But this stage, with brown and yellow and red, is amazing! I don’t want to think how it will look when all the leaves fall down and rain makes the ground look more like porridge than a colorful leafy carpet, instead I’m going to enjoy and draw inspiration from these lovely colors.

And here they are, two new shawls:

Same warp, different weft. I like. 🙂


The Fall is Here

Well, I can’t say I am extremely excited about that, but ok. After Summer comes the Fall and I can’t stop it. Not that I hate Fall, I must admit it has some nice moments every year (lol), but when I think about falling leaves, falling, staying on the ground, not green on trees…you get the idea. 🙂 I am definitely a Spring person. Oh, that time of the year when everything is coming to life, the anticipation in the air, waiting for leaves and flowers to start popping out, that’s what I love!

But, I must say today was a lovely day, sunny and warm. Thank you Mother Nature. 🙂 So we went out for a nice walk.

I saw a leaf that looked like an Angel. Although my husband said it looked like an airplane. He is a pilot, so there’s an explanation. 🙂

And these bugs look like they have an African mask on their back. Wonderful!

Gorgeous flower

Belgrade in September:

Interesting shapes and texture:

Have a great weekend! 🙂