Scraps and Hearts

I think there is no hope of getting my studio in order. I try and try to clean it and make it look, well, not like a bomb site (lol!), but almost every time I do that, I find so many interesting things and get easily distracted. 🙂 How can I sort through my laces and doilies and not get inspired? How can I look at those tea dyed fabrics, scraps of silk and cotton, and just put them away? It’s impossible! I think next time when my muse “goes on holiday”, I should start cleaning up and she will be with me right away! 🙂

Maybe you remember the scrappy fabric from one of my previous posts:

## 088

It doesn’t look like much in that photo, but I made some cute things out of it.

Two cosmetic bags:

.. 032

And a journal:

.. 023

.. 024

It has pink and pale lilac handmade paper inside, with a little bit of lace, just to connect the inside with the cover. Maybe I should name it “Button love”. 🙂 Here is the back:

.. 026

I also finally finished this journal. I love the brown velvet:

## 087

It also has handmade paper inside, dyed with acrylic paint and tea.

.. 021

Since I don’t like throwing anything away (that’s why my studio is always a mess), I made some hearts out of scraps of fabric and lace, and they will be used for journal covers or to decorate a purse or something. Sewing these pretties is a wonderful way to be creative without having a pressure of working on a big piece, but also it’s great for using all those bits and pieces that are lying around.

.. 030

Sewing with small pieces of fabric makes me feel like I am working in my Art Journal. My thoughts and feelings are pieced together, making a solid piece of fabric that has a much deeper meaning than a “plain” piece of fabric would. Working in Art Journal makes me feel free and able to express my feelings without thinking too much about what I do or how I do it. It feels good to just be spontaneous. The same thing happens when I make these scrappy pieces.

Speaking of Art Journal, I have four new pages to show you. 🙂

.. 002

This is my handmade journal with textured handmade paper inside. I love it! But there are only a few blank pages in it left to work on, so I will have to make another one. What a great excuse to make more paper. 🙂

.. 006

.. 010

.. 011

.. 014

.. 017

.. 007

.. 008

Have a great day! 🙂

.. 013






To be honest, I don’t care much about Valentines Day. I think that every day should be a “Love” day, so why celebrating it once a year? But, I had to make some little things for the shop (the one that sells my work here in Belgrade), so I made these. 🙂

Clay hearts

.. 023

.. 024

.. 025

.. 026

Fabric hearts

# 007

# 010

# 015

Hearts everywhere! 🙂

# 004...

I love making hearts. All year round. 🙂

Work in progress

As usual, I’ve started so many things at the same time. But, I like doing that. If my back start to hurt after weaving for few hours, I just take my needle and thread or a paint brush, and start doing something else – in a different position. I can sew little things in my living room, or I can sit on the floor if I have to paint a bigger piece of fabric. So, it’s always work, and always fun! It’s also a mess which doesn’t seem to be confined to one room. 🙂

Here is just a little detail of my new scarf:

I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but we will see when I finish it…

More unfinished things:

Some painted fabric, waiting to be sewn into a gorgeous purse 🙂 :

So there is a lot of work to be done, and I am going to try and finish at least one of these things today. But first, I have to take my dog for a walk and maybe take more photos; these are from yesterdays walk:

The one on the right is mine 🙂

Now something white!

I’ve finished my colorful scarf, started making another one, went to the doctor’s to take the stitches out ( I’ve had a minor surgery, got rid of two birthmarks ten days ago ),  and then it was time for me to relax! So, here is the product of my relaxation:

I made this heart with some cotton fabric, then stuffed it with some yarn – I didn’t have anything else to put inside :), and embellished it with these beautiful little doilies my grandmother made, and then added some flowers and buttons. So, since my grandmother is no longer with us, this heart is a little reminder, and something I made for both her and me. She was very good in sewing, knitting, crocheting, and a great cook. So, this little piece is connecting her work with mine. That way I feel closer to her.

Finaly some pictures!

Well, this has been a tough week.  My dog has been sick and I was so scared for him! But now he is better and I finally managed to take some photos of my new journals – notebooks. And I made a new album. So here they are!

Yes, I know, I’m completely mad…about hearts.

There are more pictures of my madness on my Facebook page 🙂

Dakle, posle nedelju dana stresa oko mog psa, evo napokon slika novih radova. Meda je bio jako bolestan, sto je mene potpuno izbacilo iz koloseka – kao i obicno, ali sada je bolje, tako da sam uspela da fotografisem neke nove stvari. I eto ih – dnevnici i jedan scrapbook spomenar. Vise slika ima na mom FB profilu.