Sunny day…

Today was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, and I just had to take a few photographs while walking my dog. Oh, how I love spring! Flowers, bees, birds, breeze, just wonderful!

And here is my baby with his friend, so busy.

Nothing special…

I don’t like Sundays ( who does? ) but today was a nice day, although filled with work. It wasn’t a creative work, it was cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! I was so busy lately weaving, making journals and those flower brooches ( and so many other things ), that my home got really messy and dusty. But  I couldn’t stand it anymore, I said “enough!”,  and cleaned it all up! Oh, I feel so much better now! But the best thing was this:

My husband made me a beautiful, healthy meal!  And, not only that, but he also cleaned the kitchen! I mean, am I lucky or what? Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that he never does something like that, but most days he just doesn’t have time because he works long hours, and I could never expect him to cook or to clean. But today I had my break from the kitchen, and to be honest, even though I love to cook, I could use some time off…Only sometimes…

So now, off to eat another cake – well, I worked hard, didn’t I? I have to get that energy back! It’s important to eat regularly, right? hehehe…( insert an evil smile here) 🙂

Two posts in one day!

Here I am again with new photos. I had a great time with my friends today,  I had to post these! Oh, we were relaxing in the garden,  laughing, eating, drinking some wine, and just enjoyed the sunny day! Bliss!!!

I have great friends and I’m thankful for that!

Uzivancija! :)

E pa stvarno je bilo krajnje vreme da otopli! Napokon bez kape, sala, perjane jakne, krznenih cizama… Sloboda!!! 🙂 I naravno, odmah smo iskoristili da odemo na izlet, makar na kratko. Suuuunceeee!!! :)))) Jedva cekam da sve ozeleni! Ali, i ovako je dobro za sad. Mogla bih ovako nepovezano da lupetam i piskaram do sutra, samo zato sto sam danas dobila inekciju sunceve svetlosti i obecanje proleca! Ali, na srecu, necu to da cinim, nego cu se baciti na neku pametniju rabotu – na tkanje! Pa onda kad se umorim od tkanja, prelazim u dnevnu sobu da uz TV pravim ukrase za moje dnevnike i spomenare. Ustvari, ja se nikad ne umorim od tkanja, nego se moje ruke umore! :))) Zato, evo par slika, pa onda u radne pobede!!!

Spring is coming!!! I am so happy! We had a lovely day out today, although it was later in the afternoon, but I don’t care, we were together, it was warm, Meda had a day at the Spa – mud treatment 🙂 or, to be honest, he just got stuck in the mud by the river and then rolled in the dirt :)))) Crazy dog. But it was so nice to go out and feel that the spring is coming!!! Energy filled, I’m going to weave something nice this evening! 🙂

Introduction; Predstavljanje!

Just a quick post to share some pictures of me, my hubby and our four legged child. That’s the way I want to introduce myself, because my family and my art are the most important things in my life.And later, I will post more pictures, of my art!!  🙂Docek Nove Godine

Evo par slika mene, mog muza i naseg cetvoronoznog deteta. Mislim da bih za pocetak mogla tako da se predstavim, posto su mi moja mala porodica i moja umetnost najvazniji u zivotu, A kasnije, bice jos slika,  pre svega mojih rukotvorina! Jeeej!  🙂