Eco Dyeing

I don’t like this weather at all. It’s cold and rainy and it seems like it’s Autumn again!


Although we had one day (ONE day) of sunshine, which was perfect for picking plants


to be used for Eco Dyeing.

I have been dyeing paper and fabric before, but mostly with onion skins, tea and coffee. Now I wanted to try some other plants.

)) 003

I simply placed leaves on fabric and rolled everything up, but these leaves didn’t do much except adding light yellow color to the fabric, which is beautiful,but I wanted more. 🙂

)) 004

)) 008

I cooked them for a few hours.

)) 009

I did similar thing with paper, but since I didn’t have any wood, I had to use cardboard to press the paper a little. I guess it’s not the best solution, but that’s what I had.

)) 015

The winner was this tree (I’m sorry but I don’t know how it’s called, not even in my language,LOL!)


It has gorgeous deep red leaves and I knew it’s going to be great for dyeing.

The fabrics turned out very interesting, a bit messy but I like that.

)) 027

There were some nice prints

)) 031

But the paper is amazing!

)) 039

)) 042

I cooked it for a few minutes and then left it to cool completely before opening it. The colors are incredible!

)) 044

I’m happy happy happy! I’ll use them for making journals (of course), and I already have a new batch of leaves ready for dyeing cotton lace and even more fabric. The fun never stops,LOL!