To be honest, I don’t care much about Valentines Day. I think that every day should be a “Love” day, so why celebrating it once a year? But, I had to make some little things for the shop (the one that sells my work here in Belgrade), so I made these. 🙂

Clay hearts

.. 023

.. 024

.. 025

.. 026

Fabric hearts

# 007

# 010

# 015

Hearts everywhere! 🙂

# 004...

I love making hearts. All year round. 🙂

A little bird told me…

I had some fun a few days ago playing with clay. It must be because of those lovely birds singing outside that I wanted to make these.  Nothing special, just something to have in my studio. And they make me so happy when I look at them! My little birds, singing to me a song that only I can hear!

These pictures are not that good, but never mind. I wasn’t looking for perfection while making these, and no perfection in photographing them. Just play!