Preparing For the Holiday

Busy busy busy! I’ve been doing a thousand things at once lately, and I must say  I really really need that holiday! I still haven’t finished decorating and cleaning my home, but that will have to wait till I come back from Greece. I want this now:

And this:

And to feel like this:

So I’m packing my bags and hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to enjoy in sunny Greece. 🙂

I think I’ll have enough books to read there 🙂

And my journal and sketch book are ready:

I also managed to make some nice things lately, and although I didn’t photograph some of my creations (a mistake that happens often), I can show you these:

Brooches for my mom

Book earrings for a friend:

And some handmade paper, which needs to be pressed and then it will be ready to use. 🙂

A few days ago, while I was making some book covers, my husband played a bit with my beads, and look what he made for me! It means “I love you”. 🙂 I had to share this, it’s just too cute! 🙂

And more love, this time Nature’s way. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

It all started with a scarf

Yes, it all started with this scarf.

Slightly ruffled, woven with cotton, viscose, wool and mohair. I am a bit obsessed with ruffles lately. 🙂 Instead of using elastic yarn, I like to play with my fabric by giving it shape by hand. That way I have more control over how finished piece should look like, but also it makes me more creative and playful. Because of that, this scarf does carry some weight in the middle section (length wise), but it’s not too much, and I think that the scarf looks lovely this way – not too ruffled, but still with some movement.

The inspiration for it came from the blue-green yarn:

After the scarf was complete, I wanted to play more with that yarn. You can’t see very well, but the yarn is shimmery, which lately became my middle name – shimmer! And since I’ve joined another Swap at Milliande’s, “Art Pin Swap”, I made some pins! White handwoven fabric, that gorgeous yarn, machine stitching and some beads. Simple yet very effective. Again, the photo is not showing them as it should, really don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am not a professional photographer,LOL!

Then I had to make some more! These pins are very addictive.

Ok, I had to add some purple! Another favorite color of mine. 🙂

And then, as all this wasn’t enough, I started making a journal cover!

Honestly, I love days like these when everything happens at the same time. Ideas just come to me all at once, and I keep jumping from the loom, to sewing machine,  to my desk, and repeat that a hundred times. It leaves a horrible mess in my studio, but then again, it’s a tiny studio so at least I don’t have a huge space to clean. Although, it’s getting harder and harder to move around here! 🙂

The scarf is going to be listed in my Etsy store, but the journal still needs more work. And I also started weaving something blue – again, but this time it’s more navy blue, with very interesting yarn and pattern. You’ll see it in a couple of days. 🙂

This and that

Still too much to do and not enough time to play! But, loosing some sleep can give you time! Not the best idea I guess, but that’s all I could do! I really wanted to make something, well, just because. And as I have a TON of all kinds of bits and pieces that I just can’t throw away (does that sound familiar to you?) I decided to use some of that ‘treasure’ I collect. So I made a journal with recycled cardboard (of course), scraps of different papers that were just laying around, some packaging material that was great for making a flower, an old button, and some yarn . With just an hour or two late in the evening, I think this journal came out not so bad! 🙂

I love making journals, albums and notebooks. They are pretty, useful, and they make a great gift!

I also made some brooches, crocheted a spiral scarf (as requested by a customer), and then decided to play again (and loose some more sleep, lol) so I made a heart.

I make these hearts from time to time, even though I don’t know what to do with them. I just love hearts! Here are the ones I made some time ago:

I think I have a serious problem with letting go of the things I make. 🙂 Do you have that problem too?