Two Awards!

It’s interesting how the Universe works. With some “not very good” things happening lately, I’ve been feeling, well, not very good. Everyone is ok and alive, thankfully. And that is the most important thing. But still, some things made me so sad that I didn’t have the will to do anything artistic. I didn’t know what to blog about. I did practice some sewing and made my self a skirt and a T shirt, but I don’t have the photos yet to show you. And then, I get nominated for two blog awards, so now I have to blog about that, and I feel as if something is making me “move on”,  as if this blog world is making me getting back into writing and creating. And that is wonderful!

First, I was nominated for the “Best Moment Award” by Tatsat. Thank you Tatsat!


Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.

I am grateful for this award. It obviously came at the right time, to make me feel a bit better, and to make me try to forget bad things and concentrate on sharing my art and my experiences with the world. Thank you Tatsat once again,  your blog is great, wonderfully written, makes me think harder about life than I normally would and that enriches me; it’s a place to learn something new, to think, to share thoughts, and to connect. 🙂

The other award came from Kalona who is an amazing artist and a wonderful friend. Thank you Kal!


Kalona shares her passion for fabric, paper and other art forms on her blog. If you need inspiration or you want to learn something new, check out her blog, you will enjoy it!

I would love to be able to write more about this, and to express my feelings a bit better, but for now this is the best I can do. But I am very grateful for these awards and for the “boost” they give me at this moment in my life.

I will use this opportunity to nominate five blogs for both of these awards, so here they are:

CREATIVE METAPHOR – Eliza is an amazing writer who also makes wonders by painting and weaving.

CATCHINMOONBEAMS – Terri is so talented, her drawing makes me jealous. I wish I could draw and paint like that!

ACTON CREATIVE – Christine is a weaver who makes gorgeous fabrics on her loom!

TIN CAN TART – Mary’s art is beautiful and inspiring and always makes me happy.

LIFEOFDEB  – Deb is a great artist who works with different media. She is also a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

Have a wonderful day everyone!