Happy Day

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post, but I have been busy with holiday things, and at the same time my muse went probably skiing or who knows, maybe to some warmer climate. I can only tell for sure that she wasn’t here! And I almost started freaking out! I feel terrible when I can’t create. I just don’t know what to do with my self! But I couldn’t make anything, I couldn’t do anything in my art journal, I couldn’t even doodle. Nothing, except my first ever try at Amigurumi, which ended up in one sad little toy, LOL!

Meet my new friend who is leaning on an orange so that you can see him better. 🙂

Sitnice 014

It’s very badly done, but for a first time crocheting something like this, I must say it’s ok. And we love him. My dog already tried to steal him. 🙂

But enough of that, I actually wanted to tell you about two lovely gifts I received today! I came home from shopping (nothing fancy, just supplies), and found TWO packages in my mail box! The first one was from Deb who recently celebrated her second blogaversary, and very generously picked eight people (!) to send a Happy Mail to! And I was lucky to be one of those eight people, so I got some gorgeous papers, fabrics, all kinds of inspirational things to be used in my art, some beads and sequins, buttons, puzzle pieces etc.

Sitnice 012

Sitnice 013

I already have lots of ideas for how I will use these goodies. Some will go into my art journal, some in my diary, some will be altered and used in a mini album that I plan to start making, etc. Thank you so much Deb!!!

Another package came from Mary. We exchanged some materials a while ago, and the plan was to make something for each other using those materials. But Mary was so thoughtful and so generous as always, she sent me so many things! A lovely rabbit doll with a handmade dress, along with a handmade book and a brooch, some die cuts, etc.

Sitnice 002

She also sent me some clear stamps which I LOVE!

Sitnice 003

I’m all into butterflies lately, and these stamps are just what I needed! This is actually a second set that I got from Mary, but I’m using the first one right now for a project that I’m working on, so I can’t show you those. 🙂

And then, ta-daaa! 🙂 A prayer flag or a banner, I’m sorry I don’t know how it’s called in English, but I love love love it!!!

It has three layers, this is the first one:

Sitnice 004

There is a beautiful little book tucked in the pocket on the front:

Sitnice 005

I love all the details

Sitnice 010

Here is the second layer:

Sitnice 006

And the third:

Sitnice 007

It is absolutely beautiful and I’m afraid that my photos are not good enough. Thank you so much Mary! I will keep this flag in my studio and look at it every day.

And another great thing is that my muse came back! I am finally able to spread my wings and create! 🙂 It feels sooo good!