Journal Therapy

Hello lovely people! It’s been a busy month. Hubby went to Germany (business stuff again) and he will be away for two years! I am trying to keep a happy face but it’s not easy. I miss him. He will come home for Christmas, but until then Meda and I will be home alone. I also discovered a small growth on Meda’s shoulder, and since he had a cancerous growth removed from almost the same spot several years ago, I am terrified! The only thing I can do is wait and see if that thing is growing, and to hope that it’s not cancer again but maybe just some fatty tissue or something like that.

Luckily, I have my journals to help me stay sane (or at least close to that). My diary is filled (after one year),


and now I started writing in my junk journal.

Junk Journal

It’s fun to write in, with all those different colors and textures and different page sizes.

Junk Journal

I also played with some of my homemade stamps.

Art Journal

Art Journal

Art Journal

And started working in a new journal, the biggest one so far, A4 size. It’s actually an altered book in which I glue things down. It all started with wonderful magazine pages that I didn’t want to cut. I wanted the whole picture to be seen so this journal is perfect for that.

Art Journal

Some of the pages will stay the way they are now and some will have things added to them. It’s so great to have a nice base to work on later.

Art Journal

Art Journal

Art Journal

I also used some of the papers that I used to clean the brushes on, and made quick and fun pages.

Art Journal

Art Journal

Art Journal

I have too many journals, I know. But there is no law against that, right? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Journal Therapy

  1. Your journals are always inspiring to me. So beautiful. And of course you can’t have too many!

    Sorry your husband will be gone for so long, that is difficult. Hopefully you will be able to visit each other occasionally. Sending you well wishes for Meda too. That can’t be easy to deal with while your husband is gone. Hugs.

  2. Such beautiful pages in your journals!! I am so sorry that your husband is in Germany for so long! Wishing you lots of strength and may Christmas come around quickly for you. For Meda I wish abundant health. Sonja, have you heard of Herb Robert? I have heard it helps with cancer also in dogs. You might find it growing wild where you live.
    Lots of love to you xoxo
    Ps. Here’s a video about Herb Robert by an Australian Herbalist.

  3. What! Two years? Of course, you must have planned something but this is too much!
    Am sure its nothing. Don’t worry about Meda.
    No law 😉 haha…

  4. Your pages are so inspiring!! I love your journals! I’ll take an extra one!!! Lol! Of course, you can’t have too many!!!

    I’m sorry your husband will be away for so long! I hope you find more times to visit each other besides Christmas!! Is Germany far from you and is it difficult to travel to? (I just hear people that visit Europe go to so many countries in a few days – hard for me to imagine, since I’ve never been there.) I pray that Meda is healthy and whatever the lump is can be treated easily. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

    • Thank you so much Lynnita! I really appreciate that!
      Hubby is about a 1000km away from me, so I guess it’s a bit far away. But we’ll see. If nothing else, I will work like crazy so the time passes quicker. 🙂 xx!

  5. You are so talented! The journals are just gorgeous! It is so great to see how your creativity translates onto the page! Hopefully, Meda will be fine and two years will fly by! Hang in there! chris

  6. Your journal is wonderful. I always love your beautiful journals. I think with the Meda scare and your husband being gone you are going to need a few more. Hopefully there will be several visits and time will pass quickly for you.

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