Fabric Collage (Work in Progress)

Hello lovely people! Here I am with another recycling project! Fabric collage!

As you know, I collect all kinds of materials and junk which I then like to transform into something beautiful and useful. And here is what I’m doing right now – making journal covers from small pieces of fabric (leftovers) and, well, junk. 🙂

I used some plastic, kind of foamy, packaging material as a middle layer of the journal cover.


I’m sorry for the next photo, it’s bad because there was no sun when I took it, but you’ll get the idea of what I was doing. I started stitching fabric scraps onto the plastic, adding fabric pieces randomly and without too much thinking about it.

Sewing onto plastic

Continue adding fabric pieces until you cover the plastic and you will end up with something like this:

Fabric collage

As you can see, after I stitched all the pieces onto the plastic, I then zigzagged the edges so they don’t fray. It also adds details to the whole piece. I like that. Fun! 🙂

Fabric collage

Then it’s time to add the backing, and you can use, again, what ever material you like – paper, fabric, plastic…I used more of my leftover pieces of fabric.

The back

I left it like this and continued working on another collage piece, and then another and another, and I can’t show them all to you now, but I promise I will soon. Here is one more:

Fabric collage

I can’t wait to start hand stitching and decorating this journal cover.

And here is a peek into two small covers, already taking shape and starting to look beautiful. 🙂

Journal covers

This is a wonderful way to tidy up the studio, use all those fabric leftovers and junk, and make something lovely! This doesn’t have to be turned into a journal cover. It could be sewn into a fun clutch or a bag, maybe a set of coasters or oven mitts, or even a doormat! There are so many more possibilities!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Fabric Collage (Work in Progress)

  1. Inspiration once again!! Wonderful way to use up that packing foarm!! Hadn’t thought of that! Your work is wonderful and I love seeing what you create! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What I don’t understand ( so do most of those who have been “trained” ) is how an artist is so sure of what is going to come up after she is done. I mean one can not possibly know while taking up the junk as to what she is going to end up with after her (=your ) magic!

    That apart, what makes you incredibly adorable and creative is that you use junk and leftovers. Beauty from what most consider waste… And that is exactly what great artists do.

    I wish I could export a lot of junk from here 😛

    • Thank you for a wonderful comment Tatsat!
      It’s all about intuition, I guess. I just do what I feel I have to do and what I feel is right. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out right, but those moments are rare. Most of the time I get where I wanted to be. 🙂 That is the beauty of making art. It’s adventurous. And fun. And so rewarding. And if I make something out of junk, that is even more rewarding for me. We people need to protect the Earth. Even the smallest help is welcome,as I believe. And if I’m able to produce something beautiful in that process, that is a bonus! Right?

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