I’m Back!

Hello lovely people! The vacation is over and I’ home again.

We had a great time in Greece, as always. Our rented tent was fantastic, the view was fantastic, and the weather was fantastic! 🙂 Can you tell I’m happy with the vacation? 🙂

Here is the view from our place:

The view

There weren’t a lot of people left in the camping, which was great! Peace and quiet. That’s what I like.

And here is our tent. It looks small in the photo but it was actually much bigger than we expected. 

The tent

(That was pretty much all I did for over two weeks – reading books or sleeping)

Camping has a wonderful small private beach:

The beach

Meda had a lot of fun swimming (and rolling in the dirt). 🙂


Hubby took all the photos this time, I was to lazy to do anything. 🙂

V1. 135

Stick bug

V1. 093

V1. 097

Thank you for visiting! Have a great day! 🙂

12 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Apparently, your Greek vacation was as long as my blog-vacation 🙂

    Do people there take such vacations regularly? I mean as kids the only vacation spots we had was somewhere with relatives ( their place ). Didn’t go anyplace to just…be there and enjoy. Some people do go to hill stations in summers but that is exception and not the norm. Fascinates me when I see you globetrotting 🙂
    This is one lesson I would very much like to emulate…

    • Almost everyone here goes somewhere (preferably abroad) for their summer vacation. It seems like we wait for it the whole year. 🙂 Greece is a popular destination because it’s not too far away and it’s not that expensive as other countries in the region. And if going to the seaside is not possible, there are mountains and spas to go to. But going somewhere, anywhere, is a must. 🙂

      • That is certainly a good idea. But what about working people. The ones in regular jobs, like government jobs? Do they get a vacation too?
        Travelling, I think ( because I haven’t till date ), is the best way of widening your understanding of the world. Next to books, or maybe they are supplementary- Can’t say for sure. But either way, it is something that needs to be done more often. Doesn’t has to be fancy places. Rather it could be to little-known places too. It is incredible that you take time out to rejuvenate yourself- most of us here, don’t.
        And of course, I know who to consult for travel tips in Greece 🙂

      • People here have paid days off work every year, about 15 to 20 days. No matter where they work. Even though many of them don’t have money for travels, some type of vacation is a must, at least a weekend in the mountains or a local picnic area.
        I agree with you, the best destinations are the ‘not so popular’ ones. And I think books and travels are the best combination, inseparable. 🙂

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