Crochet and Things

I have been a bit lazy as far as my blogging goes, but I’ve done so much in the studio. Still, not many photos were taken, and I blame the weather for that. 🙂 It’s too dark and gloomy, it rains almost every day, and that doesn’t inspire me to photograph. But I will do my best to show you everything I’ve done, before I go on vacation, which is approaching! Yay! Ten more days till swimming in Greece! 🙂

Anyway, here are my two crochet projects, finished and beautiful.


The yellow edged throw is for my bedroom. I used a lovely soft cotton fabric and I crochet the edge to make it the size I wanted, but also to add a bit of color to it.



The pink one I made for a friend’s daughter.


She loved it. That made me happy. 🙂

I also finished making another pile of handmade paper, which means that my studio is a little bit more tidy after I recycled a ton of junk. Now I have these beauties to play with!

Handmade paper

Handmade paper

I made some tea and coffee dyed paper:

Handmade paper

And my favorite “alphabet” paper:

Handmade paper

I just love those letters and numbers coming through!

Handmade paper

Have a great day! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Crochet and Things

  1. I love the handmade papers – the texture and colors – Wow! I love looking through the handmade papers at the art stores, but I’ve never tried it myself! The throws are beautiful! Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  2. Thank you Lynnita! Making handmade paper is not hard, it is very fun, but very messy. That’s why I do it about twice a year. I make a lot of paper, and then I am good for the next six months or so. 🙂

  3. Those throws are really pretty. The paper is wonderful. I never learned to crochet I could never keep my mind on what I was doing. I haven’t made paper before either but looking at yours makes me want to try it. Maybe someday. Swimming in Greece! Have a fabulous time. Stay safe.

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