I Painted Something!

I don’t paint. I don’t think I know how to do that. The mess I make in my Art Journal is (I think) just a mess, my way to feel free and to do what ever I want. But for some reason, about a month ago I felt the need to paint and I knew exactly what I wanted. Texture, color, and more texture.




These look lovely on the wall. 🙂


And there is one more!



I just had to paint these. It felt like they had to come out of my head, and now  that they did, I feel great!

Still think I can’t paint though.

But I am happy with these paintings.


14 thoughts on “I Painted Something!

      • While I’m sure someone will come up with an example that will make me recant, I never feel any art is ever ‘totally rubbish’. Art is an expression of our humanity, both in the making of it and in the viewing of it, and who can ever label that rubbish!? It may not always make sense to others, it may sometimes seem hard or strange or scary, but so is life. These I found beautiful and thoughtful. Even if it wasn’t the same as what you meant by them, I saw something in them – so that, to me, is art done ‘totally right’

  1. Sonja, these are just wonderful!! I love the bright colors and awesome texture!! The frames add so much to them – like they were made just for these paintings! I love found objects added in the last painting! Painting should reflect what you feel – it shows in these paintings!! So glad you shared these!!

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