Paper Fun

Hello lovely people! Today I want to share with you my journal pages, and also a fun recycling project.

First, the pages from my art journal.

Inchies found a new home in my “Handmade paper journal”. 🙂


This journal is almost finished, just two or three pages left. I like how this spread turned out, with most of my inchies in one place.

I also stapled some old doodles in this journal. There were too many loose pages lying around and now they are all nice and tidy in one journal.




A quote collage page:

J page

This next page is about the floods, and the word means “Hope”:

J page

And now my recycling project! How do you like these earrings? 🙂


They were made out of magazines. You could use newspapers or any kind of paper – old books for example. Just take a magazine and without ripping out the pages, start gluing the pages together. Add glue (white school glue) with a brush to the whole page, then put another page on top of it, press it down and try to smooth it out as much as you can, then repeat the process until you have enough pages, about two or three millimeters thick.

This next photo is not very good but you can see that the paper looks pretty flat.

V1 040

It is easy to cut it while it’s still a bit wet, although it will also be easy to cut when it’s dry but then you won’t be able to manipulate it much. So, cut your template out of any kind of paper and trace it down on your glued magazine, cut your shape, then bend it if you wish.

V1 039

V1 038

Let it dry. It’s best to leave it over night. After that, you will need a fine sanding paper to smooth out the edges, and acrylic paint of your choice. Here’s what I’ve done:

V1 042

As you can see, in some of the earrings paper has some wrinkles, and I actually like that! They have a nice texture which you can enhance with paint if you wish.

V1 045

To finish them, add a coat or two of varnish or any kind of glossy finish, maybe even a bit of sparkle, and you can have something like this:






You could make all kinds of things with this technique – pendants, beads if you use thicker paper, bracelets, even small plates. So many possibilities! And even though it takes a bit of time, it’s very easy and very inexpensive. So if you have time to play, or you need to take your mind of some problem (as it was the case with me), try this. 🙂

Have a great day!


18 thoughts on “Paper Fun

  1. Your earrings are amazing, I would never guess they are from paper and I really like the way you have displayed them. It is lovely to see your work all in one place and all handmade.

  2. What a fun idea. I’ll have to give it a try. And I love your inchies in your journal. I haven’t decided how to mount all of mine yet, but this is a good way to do it.

  3. Your journal is lovely! The iinchie page is great – gives me some inspiration for what to do with the ones from the couple exchanges I participated in. I especially love your doodles!! I’m jealous! Lol! I wouldn’t have guessed your earrings are magazine pages. They look metallic! I want a couple pairs! Will definitely being making some of these. They will make wonderful gifts. Glad you shared!

  4. Wow. I don’t know anybody even remotely as much into art as you are. My sister is into painting and has interest in other art forms as well. She is married in London and will start a course in art therapy there from September. I have told her to check out your blog for inspiration. I mean if an art-illiterate like me can love it, am sure she will pick up important lessons from you 🙂

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