Spring Cleaning?

I think my cleaning will be a looong process. Everywhere I turn I seem to find interesting things to play with! First I went through my books to see what will stay and what will be donated to library or given to friends, because I buy books all the time and I don’t have the space anymore to keep them all. And sure enough, I found many books that are just perfect for altering! πŸ™‚ But I did put aside two huge bags for donation and that feels good. I loved reading them and now someone else will be able to enjoy them.

Then I “found” some clothes that are going to be recycled and I already have a million ideas for that! So, for now I have one altered book that I’m working on, some fabric recycling projects that I’m working on, my fabric stash is checked and reduced just a tiny bit, resulting in this:

V. 063

V. 069

V. 071

V. 075

As you can see, I added eco dyed paper to this journal, along with my handmade paper, which means I now have to make more paper and dye more paper, and now I have ideas for that too! πŸ™‚

V. 080

Looking through my yarn also resulted in finding some interesting lonely skeins which simply begged me to use them. And I did! I wove a scarf! I can’t show it to you now as it has to be washed first, but I can already see this cleaning as a never ending story. πŸ™‚

And it’s not over yet! I made two junk mail journals! You know how it is – you start sorting and cleaning your shoes, and then you find shoe boxes that you don’t need, right? So you think: “Well this box is nice and colorful, I could make something with it!” Right? πŸ™‚ It turns out my favorite shoes came in a very pretty box that I used to make two journal covers! How cool is that! And all those papers and junk mail finally found their home. Ahhh, by the end of Winter I will have a clean home. LOL!

V. 085

V. 086

V. 087

Look at all these papers and envelopes and bags that will NOT go to trash! It feels so good knowing that I helped the Earth at least a tiny bit.

V. 089

V. 090

V. 091

V. 093

Now it’s paint/art journaling time! Oh yeah, and cleaning too! Or maybe weaving?

As you can see, I am officially gone crazy, but there is nothing so amazing as this creative madness! I must enjoy it while it lasts. πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning?

  1. Oh Sonja, if you call what you do ‘crazy’ then crazy I want to be. You are amazing and exciting the way you play. The journals are fantastic. Makes me want to run and play too. πŸ™‚

  2. Cleaning is for people who don’t have anything else better to do. LOL
    Although I definitely need to clean too, and I often find myself easily distracted by all my stuff. At least you are busy using the stuff you find to make other cute things. I’m not near so disciplined as that.

    • Hahaha, Deb that is so funny! People who have nothing else to do! To be honest I sometimes can’t be bothered with cleaning when there are so many fun things to make! ☺

  3. Your journals are wonderful. I may try a junk journal, that’s pretty cool. I especially like the one with fabric and your hand-made paper.My cleaning never makes anything but a mess.

  4. Wow! Sonja, your journals are wonderful!! I’ve never found shoes in boxes as pretty as yours! What a creative way to use all that junk mail! Thanks for the inspiring ideas!!! Now, if I can ever get around to spring cleaning (summer cleaning, fall cleaning, winter cleaning, whenever cleaning – lol – and be that disciplined about it!). I adhere more to the “artist’s are never tidy!” mentality!!

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