Before I Go

It’s time for traveling! We are going to visit the parents, travel to Slovenia, go to the mountains (no matter how bad the weather might be), and hopefully have a wonderful time! Yay! We have almost three weeks for all that, and with hubby working long hours lately, this is exactly what we needed. Time for fun and to just be together.

So I made a big bag for moi, and a small bag to go inside of a big one, for makeup and other lady’s things that a lady needs on her travels. 🙂

V. 043

V. 044

V. 046

The back

V. 048

And a small one

V. 050

I also made a travel journal, or better say I decorated a journal I made some time ago, added things to the cover, and a bit on the inside, just to make it more interesting. I didn’t have the time to make a completely new one, so this little thing came in handy. I like it.

It needs a title, which will be “Slovenia 2014”. 🙂

V. 051

It’s small, 6×3,5 inches, but it’s big enough for a five days trip.

V. 053

V. 054

V. 055

That’s it for now! See you soon! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Before I Go

  1. Love everything as always,especially the design of the bag.
    I hope the three of you have a wonderful time in those beautiful mountains.

  2. Oh that sounds amazing! Mountains are where so many greats have derived their inspirations from. I am sure the weather will be good and you all will have amazzing time out there!
    Please come back with loads of pictures. Difficult to see world with our very own eyes, but we can ofcourse see it from our friends’ 🙂 🙂

  3. Sonja – I am amazed at all the things you can do – And do well !!! – LOVE your new bags & love your journal – How can you go wrong with Navy Blue? Darker colors always work for me — Wishing you the best in your travels – Perhaps we can “chat” on the phone sometime soon — I would love that! ~Kristine Xo

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