One Good And One Bad

The good one is a baby blanket I crocheted for my cousin’s son. This is my first crocheted baby blanket and it turned out very nice.

V 001

Double crochet, with a simple border.

V 002

V 003

It’s perfect for Spring or Summer.

V 005

But the bad one is really bad. It’s a quilt, my first big quilt ever. I made only one quilt before, and it was a small one which ended up on my dog’s bed. And he loves it! Even though it’s a bit girly. 🙂 I have a very picky dog. He likes to sleep on cotton. My handwoven woolly throws are being pushed away from his bed immediately. 🙂

Anyway, as I was saying, my first big quilt turned out to be a huge mess, which should not be a surprise. I have no experience in quilting, I wasn’t very precise with cutting squares and lining them up correctly, and most of all, why on earth did I start making such a huge quilt in the first place!?! I did try to make it nice and even, with matching corners and things like that, but it just didn’t turn out right.

V 006

It’s not completely flat, I have some ruffled parts which should not be there at all, and I had to cut it and make it smaller than originally planned because some parts were too messed up. But at the end, it does look like a blanket, my husband says it looks absolutely fine (he is so sweet), even though my planned pattern doesn’t look like a pattern at all, but I did use old bed sheets for this quilt so at least I didn’t waste any money. 🙂

V 007

Practice is important, and I will love this quilt as my learning quilt. We will have many happy sleepy moments together and I know my dog will love it because it’s cotton. LOL! That’s just me, sometimes (unlike in other parts of life) too confident when it comes to making things. I always start a project with an idea that it’s going to be just perfect. And almost always it does. But sometimes mistakes happen and that’s ok. I practice, I learn, I discover. And I go to the next project with more curiosity and more confidence.

So here are my two blankets that took me about three weeks to finish and left me with a very sore back. 🙂 But hey, I’m smiling! 🙂

V 008

15 thoughts on “One Good And One Bad

  1. First of all Sonja I love the baby blanket,especially as you have used nice bold colours. And as for the quilt ,I can see nothing wrong with it,in fact I think you have created a wonderful keepsake.

  2. I think you are being too hard on yourself. A quilt is a big project to take on, and I know from experience there is a learning curve to doing it right. I think when we are creatives, we tend to think we can do anything and do it perfect the first time around. Ha Ha. And sometimes we can, so that feeds into that misperception. But I say, just keep doing it. I personally love both the quilt and the baby blanket you made. 🙂

      • that is what I did when I started quilting. The first ones were not fabulous, but they were fun to make. Then I gave quilts to everyone I knew. And kept a bunch. And hung some on my walls. And sold a few. I still have a stack for sale. LOL

      • I would love to see your quilts Deb! Maybe you could share some photos on your blog? I gave so many of my handwovens to friends and family, it’s so nice to do that. I bet your quilts are loved and appreciated.

  3. Your blanket and quilt are wonderful! You are being too hard on yourself about the quilt. I find that quilts grow on you as you use them and get used to them. Also, I like the way they age with time and washing, it’s like they relax and become even more charming 🙂 xoxo

  4. I love the fact that you shared both the perfect and the not-so-perfect! Takes a brave girl to show the “learning curve” projects! And for the record, the quilt looks great to me! Nicely done! chris

    • Thank you Chris! I decided long time ago that I will be sharing here my mistakes also. I think it is important for me to gain courage in making art and crafting too. And also, it may be (maybe) helpful to someone else to know that things we make don’t have to be perfect. It is important to continue to create and with time it will get better and better. ☺

  5. Sonja — Somehow I think everything you create is amazing – Mistakes or not — You have a special touch with all your creations — Love the pics, the quilt, the blanket etc … So enjoy visiting your blogs! ~Kristine Xo

  6. It is a shame that all we can see our the mistakes, at times — I am the same way when I write or photograph — Others do not see what we do — Continue to be the beautiful creator you are! Xo

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