My New Bag

I recently had to throw away one of my favorite bags because it was too damaged (or should I say well used and loved).

F 040 crop

But as nothing goes to waste here in my art/craft world, I completely took it apart, saving the zippers and other good bits. Then I crocheted a fun and colorful cotton bag, about the same size as the old one, and used the old zipper for closure, as well as the inside pocket (the zippered one) that I sewed into the lining.

B 002

And because it’s a summer bag, why not adding some flowers to it? 🙂

B 003

I also needed another inside pocket because I am a pocket person. 🙂 And because I didn’t have any more of that blue fabric or recycled pockets, I crocheted it.

B 007

Now I have a wonderful, colorful, fun and unique bag! I’m happy! 🙂

16 thoughts on “My New Bag

  1. You absolutely amaze me with each and every item you make. Mnogo je vesela tasna. Somehow, “happy purse” does not translate well in English.

  2. That’s awesome! That bag is absolutely amazing! Crochet is such a beautiful art (wish I knew it). And those colors are so fun!

    I’ve recently taken to sewing bags out of old cargo pants with all the pockets already built in. Made myself an over-the-shoulder bag and one for a friend of mine, and made a bag to hang on the side of my dad’s bike rack so he can carry things around with him.

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