My Junk Journal

All kinds of papers, envelopes, this and that. What was a pile of junk now is a lovely journal. It could stay as it is, but I want to write in it, add more stuff, glue, paint, draw, doodle, just have fun!. 🙂

) 014

) 015

) 016

) 021

) 024

I made it some time ago, but it had no decorated cover, so a couple of days ago I finally finished it. And I finished two pages also! The other ones are kinda half done. 🙂

) 027

) 030

I’m obsessed with blue, brown and gold.

) 031

I love it! My new toy! 🙂

) 013

I’m hoping to show you my handwoven cushions and other things next time, and I also hope to open again my Etsy shop in a week or so.Fingers crossed! I can’t wait! 🙂

Have a great weekend! 🙂

16 thoughts on “My Junk Journal

  1. It’s stunning. I have all kinds of “stuff” saved up for junk journals. Now I think I’m motivated enough to forget about fatigue, other pressing projects, rhe fact that i have a grueling week anead of me, and just do it!! Thanks for sharing your great work. It’s Lways an inn
    Spirational. Xoxo

    • 🙂 Thanks you Sadie! If you don’t have time right now, save those papers for later so that you could enjoy making these crazy journals. It’s so relaxing and amusing! 🙂

  2. Ok I had to google for Etsy 🙂
    You call this “junk” journal ? By no stretch of imagination does it look anywhere near that 😉
    Congratulations about the store. Seems like a new begining to me 🙂

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