Eating Healthy

It was about time to make some changes in my diet.Lately I’ve been eating lots of bread and pastry, cakes and chocolate, and fruit. Ok, fruit IS healthy, but bread and sweets, not that much. So, I had to do something about that.

My husband and I don’t eat too much meat, and except the fact that he would eat pasta every day (if I’d let him,LOL), we do eat vegetables quite a lot. But I tend to eat a lot of bread with every meal, and something sweet after lunch, and again maybe in the evening…But I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to try out new recipes, so it turns out we always have something “belly unfriendly” in our home. So I decided to stop making cakes for a while. And of course, I won’t be buying any. Instead, I’ll eat even more fruit, especially dried fruit when I feel the need for sweets.As for the bread, I’ll make healthy whole grain bread. Without butter. (That will be tough.) It’s not that I need any major weight loss (in my opinion), but it would be nice to loose a kilo or two, just as a precaution.

So, what we had for lunch today was a healthy, delicious meal, a salad actually, but a kind of salad that will make you feel full. Here is how I made it:

Slice courgettes and bake or grill them.

(( 036

While you’re doing that, take a bowl and start adding sliced onion,

(( 030


(( 031


(( 034

and the courgettes cut into small chunks.

(( 037

For the dressing:

one tsp Dijon mustard, one tsp mayonnaise, about a tsp of dried oregano, and a little bit of ground pepper.

(( 039

And of course some olive oil and vinegar.

(( 041

Pour that over your salad, mix, put it on your plate and add some crumbled cheese on top. Yummy!

(( 043

I used to be more careful about what I eat, and if you’ve heard about a book written by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, called “Fit for life”, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ve never liked dieting, starving, or not eating some types of food, so that book was (many years ago) a kind of a revelation for me. I felt good, and lost weight, all that while eating everything. Well, they don’t recommend eating cakes, but in small quantities that didn’t hurt me. 🙂 Now, I am not a medical doctor, and I’m not saying you should try that diet program, but for me it was great. And as the years passed, I slowly started to eat more and more “badly”, which also started to show in my clothes size. But more importantly, now I don’t feel I have the energy as I used to. That’s why I need to make some changes. Yes I will have a cinnamon roll now and then, or an ice cream, but no more lasagna followed by chocolate every two days. 🙂 Will I get back on track, I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Eating Healthy

  1. I admire your resolve. I was 45 kilo when I got married 43 years ago. Now I am double that! Oh dear…I should watch what I eat too…but exercise would be my best friend I think. Oh well…time to at least think about it!

    • Bonnie, I think we can all feel when something isn’t right and that changes are needed. It’s not that much about weight loss. It’s more about how you feel after a meal. I started feeling heavy and bloated, and that’s why I needed to make a change. I’m just hoping this is not just a phase and that I will make this more permanent. 🙂

  2. First of all, that looks like a really yummy meal you made. Second of all, good for you to notice that you need to make a few diet changes. I know that I recently did that too. Evaluated what I was eating and made some changes and it was great. Unfortunately, human nature kicks in, and I have fallen off the wagon and have started eating those bad things again. It is really just about making adjustments along the way, before it gets out of hand. 🙂

    • You are so right Deb! But even though you started eating bad things again, as long as you think about it and try to change at least from time to time, it’s going to be fine. Actually, I think it is good to eat something bad once in a while, it speeds the metabolism (or so they say). 🙂

  3. Congratulations on taking the first steps to a healthier you. I drastically changed my whole way of eating about 19 months ago. I went from omnivore to vegan after watching the documentary film “Forks Over Knives”. Surpringly, switching my diet wasn’t difficult for me. And also, surprisingly, I didn’t lose much weight. Total about 10 pounds. ( we don’t use the metric system in US so can’t convert to kilos.) I think that certain foods trigger what we think of as hunger, but it is really an addictive reaction to salt, sugar, fats, and starches. (all those things we crave and make us “go off our diets”.) The sooner we can rid our bodies of those things, the easier it is to stick to healthy eating all the time. My only addiction now is ginger tea. I can’t get enough of that stuff! Fortunately, ginger has no bad consequences that I know about. I didn’t change my diet for health reasons, but I definitely feel great and people I haven’t seen in a few years say I look younger than before. I hope you have every success in your new resolve to eat healthier. Good luck!! Xoxo

  4. Thank you Sadie! 🙂
    I must say I admire you for being vegan. I don’t think I could do that. Vegetarian, sure. But vegan, hmmm…No cheese, no eggs, that wouldn’t work for me. 🙂 But I know how you feel – more energy, healthier looking, fresh…That’s how I feel when I eat properly, as the book says. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  5. That it looks yummy is an understatement 🙂
    You should read about the eating habits here Sonja. When you greet someone here, you offer box full of sweets. When you part, you pack another box of sweets. While you stay at someone’s place, they will make amazing deep-fried food to make you feel welcome. It is such an integral part of the culture here.

    What I am saying is that 3 months back when I was cruising at 93 Kgs, it really wasn’t my fault 😉

    If you offer someone salad in lunch here, they will take it as an insult 😀

    It is good to see you writing about the food-culture. Would help the ones like me a lot. I am not really on a diet but I am following a strict food-regime these days. Had joined the local gym just to avoid depression and the trainer there is turning out to be really good. But he is not so good with putting in variety in my diet and so, I get bored very often 😦 Maybe I can pick up a thing or two from your blog 🙂

  6. Well, if my Grandmother was still alive, she would also be insulted by only salad for lunch. 🙂 Here in Serbia people eat good, well seasoned food with a lot of meat. It’s great food. Tasty. Still mostly cooked at home (which I like). But It’s not belly friendly. And I prefer a big bowl of salad over a tiny portion of classic Serbian meal. So I invent my own. 🙂
    It’s so interesting to hear about other cultures and their traditions. Giving sweets is wonderful! But I would never be able to resist eating them!
    I can understand how you feel. 🙂

  7. This could be me talking Sonja,I need to lose at least 7lb,a few years ago while trying to cure my IBS I cut out wheat and the weight dropped off, and I lost 2 stone but I have got lazy and have bread most days. so the weight has come back.And chocolate and biscuits don’t help either 🙂

  8. Mary, I understand you completely. 🙂 Oh that lovely, delicious, wonderful bread. It causes so many problems. 🙂 I can’t believe I have been without it for four days! And I feel so much better! Although I don’t think bread is causing the weight to come back, it’s more the combination of food that we eat with it.

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