This and That

I’m weaving this now! 🙂

(( 001

A customer wanted something geometrical and in these colors, to make sofa cushions that will match her carpet. I like when I get loose directions. It gives me more creative freedom.

(( 003

I also finished another mini Art Journal page. Mixed media.

(( 005

(( 006

Altering a book, not finished yet.

(( 011

(( 013

And playing with my frugal homemade alcohol inks/sprays.

(( 019

(( 020

How to make it: take an old and seemingly dried out marker of any kind, take it apart and put the “spongy thing” in alcohol. Shake, leave it a while to allow the ink to come out, shake it some more if needed, then pour your lovely alcohol ink into a spray bottle and start playing with it! 🙂

(( 018

Easy and veeery inexpensive. Me like that. 🙂

Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Hello Sonya, Great to connect with you again. I really loved the idea about the markers will try it I have loads. Looks like you are creativiely busy with new things me too. I have a lot of things that you have not seen on my blogs… Joy

  2. Sonja, you simply amaze me every time you show what you’re up to. I hope you show us your pillows/cushions when you finish. Love the idea for thrifty alcohol inks. You rock! Xoxo

  3. Heyyyy ! Even I could do that 😉 The marker thing…
    Finally something on the art front that boosts my confidence a bit 😛 Thank you very much 🙂

  4. Just stunning as usual…and I love the fabric you are weaving. I will most certainly be making some of those alcohol inks…thank you so much for sharing! Would vodka do?!*

  5. Such a lady of many talents…amazing. I thank you for the great tip on markers as I love to play. You inspire me to try it all…make a small journal…spray it’s pages and weave it a cover…right now, this minute…but…as I am about to go out and I don’t know how to weave and don’t have any alcohol…I will carry that delicious idea smiling all day…thank you.

    • Thanks Ellen! I hope to finish the cushions in a few days and post the photos. There are many things I don’t photograph in time and it always makes me mad. But this time I’ll do it. 🙂

  6. Sonja, I love the geometric look of the weaving! Are you positioning the inlays by hand or are you using shafts to incorporate them? It’s a great look! Can’t wait to see it finished! chris

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