A Little Break

Ten days out of the big city, concrete and traffic was just the thing I needed. We took our camera and headed to the mountains for a much needed break. No Internet, no cell phones, only a nice weather and a long walks in nature. Bliss!



With an occasional visit to the historic sites and spas. πŸ™‚



Having fun with the new camera lenses, photographing gorgeous creatures and flowers:





Jumping into the water πŸ™‚


Rolling in the grass:


Beautiful Nature, calming and healing:


It’s all about balance. Going to the mountains helps me feel relaxed and refreshed, and then I can go back to the city, work and other everyday things. But it always feels good to come back home. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “A Little Break

  1. Never been to any place like these. But I have heard, and I have seen people running to the woods…away from the… ‘cities filled with the foolish’ ( quoting Walt Whitman ofcourse ). Do not know how it feels exactly. My school, a boarding school actually, was by the side of a dam and there were mountains. Was too young to relish it then 😦

    Super fine pictures ! My favourite is the one with Breda jumping in water πŸ™‚

    • Well, some people like to be near water, some by the sea, some actually love the city. But for me there is nothing like the mountains. Although I like to be in “civilization” πŸ™‚ sometimes it gets all too much and I need to go somewhere where no city sounds can be found. To be woken up in the morning just by the bird song and not by the cars is amazing! πŸ™‚

  2. It does look so refreshing and relaxing. I really need to do something like that right now too. But alas, it isn’t in the cards to be able to schedule it now.

  3. I am so pleased you are feeling refreshed,I am not surprised the scenery is wonderful.Perhaps Meda could teach Wilson how to jump into water ,something he has never done.

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