I Will Be OK

I’m painting and making a mess in my Art Journal like crazy! That means I’m feeling better. At first it seemed like I had no inspiration at all, so I said to my self – I’ll clean my desk. Ha! That almost always does the trick!

First you start with sorting out all the bits and pieces, then you find something interesting, then something you forgot you had, and then it all goes into a very different direction. And in the end, the desk is a mess as usual, but you end up with having so much fun making things! That’s what happened to me a few days ago. I found some small pieces of a cereal box (I have no idea what I wanted to do with them when I cut them who knows when), some packaging material, pieces of paper, old book pages etc, and they were all pretty much the same size. So I thought, I could make a small art journal, just for fun. It’s about 6 x 3,5 inches. I love it.

Well, technically it’s not a journal just yet, it’s a collection of pages that are going to become a journal one day. 🙂 I’ll show it to you when I finish it, but now I wanted to share some of the pages that are finished. And the best part is that I love each and every single one of them!

++ 004

++ 005

++ 008

++ 014

++ 015

++ 021

++ 023

And my favorite pages, only because of the colors:

++ 026

++ 028

++ 031

++ 032

Handmade stencils, stamps, embossing, painting, doodling,gluing, cutting…

Oh it’s so good to just let it all out of my system.

16 thoughts on “I Will Be OK

  1. You can clean the desk another day. 🙂 I’m glad you found your creative self again. And you were having fun too…..that is the most important part of art!

  2. I do wonder sometimes, how is it that you guys work. I mean I know how engineers work, but since you are the only friend I have from creative business, it would be interesting to know how you go about things. I got a peek into it already in this post, but that is not enough.

    I would like to ask you something : is like everyone there maintains an art journal ? Because here nobody seems to do that, or maybe a rare few, and it looks just so amazing ! Children should be encouraged to draw, paint and create something from things around them. Will fuel their creativity. As I come to think of it, you can be a good teacher 🙂

    My favourite is the one with hope 🙂 Very colourful pages indeed. Thanks to you, I continue to witness the magic !

    • Tatsat I am not sure how many people here journal in this way, although there are many forms of Art Journaling so I guess many people do that. For me, it’s just another way to express my self without worrying about “is that good enough”. In Art Journal everything goes and everything is good. A liberating process. And about your first question – one of the great things about Art Journal is that you don’t have to think about how it works, you just let it all out on a page, not thinking “what I’m going to do next”.
      Thank you so much!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather Sonja…and so delighted to see that you are emerging into light again. It shows on your work…it is stunning.
    I know what you mean about clearing the desk…I did just that yesterday in my shed! I did get some form of order in the end…and finished a cushion for one of our daughters…and today I am able to make a quilt backing in relative calm. Yeehah to all creators…

    • Bonnie thank you for your kind words!
      I am so glad you had fun cleaning and creating. 🙂 Wish I could see the cushion. I know it’s beautiful. But you obviously did a much better job than me, i didn’t make any progress with cleaning my desk or my studio. 🙂 Today I will try again. 🙂

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