New Album

I had to make one. I just had to! It’s been a while since I’ve made and album or a journal, and this was a must! With all those men’s scarves woven, I had to make something girly. So here is my new album which was actually made (partially) with recycled materials.

13.12. 001

I made the cover and the pages using cereal boxes. I glued tissue paper to the cover, then painted it with acrylic paint and shimmery finish. The label was made out of the same cardboard, also painted with black acrylic paint, then embossed with black embossing powder. Some of the flowers are store bought, some made by me. 🙂

A Cameo to add to the feminine style 🙂

13.12. 007

A closure made with parts of a broken jewelry:

13.12. 005

13.12. 008

13.12. 009

13.12. 011

The flower on the left was made out of corrugated cardboard, painted and embossed, the swirls are actually a velvety packaging from handmade chocolate (yum).

13.12. 012

13.12. 015

The flower on the left was crocheted by me, and I added black beads to the center. The one on the right is also my creation, made with lace and silk.

13.12. 017

The birds cut out of that same velvety packaging material.

13.12. 018

Another handmade flower (an old organza scarf and some beads from a broken necklace), and a cereal box label.

13.12. 020

13.12. 022

Again, cardboard flower, embossed velum, velvety swirls, a small booklet…

13.12. 023

13.12. 024

The flower on the right was taken from an (artificial) flower arrangement, and it is made out of some kind of foamy material which is wonderful to the touch.

13.12. 026

And the back

13.12. 028

So this album is a mix of store bought and recycled materials, and I LOVE it!

And if you are asking why I used cereal boxes and other things in it, well, there are two reasons for that. First one is that I can’t find all of the scrapbook materials that I need because in my country scrapbooking is almost non existing. People often don’t even know what that is. And if you’d believe that there is only one store here in Belgrade that just recently started selling some of the stuff a scrapbooker would need, and that is such a small selection that I often go out of the store empty handed. Not to mention insanely high prices.

Anyway, the other reason came out of the first one, and that is as I have to figure out how to make the things I can’t buy, it became such a creative and relaxing process for me, that now I often want to make something, even if I could buy it. It’s a challenge, as well as a pleasure. It makes me think harder, step outside of the box, imagine how this or that could be used…A wonderful creative process.

I hope you like it. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

15 thoughts on “New Album

  1. What an absolutely beautiful journal you have created here. So wonderful. I like the challenge of repurposing stuff for art as well. I am always gathering a pile of stuff on the kitchen counter that I think will work for some art project or other. It is increasingly difficult for me to throw stuff away. My husband is starting to think I am a hoarder. 🙂

  2. Deb, my husband gave up long time ago,LOL! He even brings me stuff so that I could evaluate if it’s for the trash or not. 🙂 But it sure is fun to make something with things that people usually throw away. Feels good to help environment a bit too! 🙂

  3. By coming over to your blog, I am secretly hoping that some creativity rubs onto me, electronically 😛 It amazes me every time I see the pictures you put up here. Totally out of my thinking limits 🙂

    The start of this very post did intrigue me actually. I read this yesterday and thought about it a bit till now. Maybe there is pent up creative energy that people like you need to get rid of, time and again. Its like creative people do not have a choice really. They HAVE TO do something. Like if I do not write something in a week, if feel distracted. Intriguing hypothesis, isn’t it 😉

  4. Yes Tatsat, you are absolutely right. It really is like there is no choice but to ‘let it out”, to create when inspiration wants you to, or to write, paint, compose a song etc. And when the creating process is over (at least for a while) it brings that beautiful feeling of calm and happiness. 🙂

  5. So creative, as always! Truly ingenious to figure out how to make what you can’t buy, and makes the end product just that much more special!

    I can’t imagine anyone not being absolutely delighted with such a book!

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