For Men

Here they are! I finally photographed the scarves, although not all of them. I don’t feel very inspired to photograph because the weather here is awful (well, it’s supposed to be that way in December, right? 🙂 ) I haven’t seen the sun in quite some time. Thankfully, my husband has a good camera so the colors of scarves are pretty much as you see them in photos.

Muski salovi 004

Muski salovi 006

I am happy with how they turned out. There are some dark ones, and more colorful ones. And there are some for older gentlemen, and some for younger ones. In these photos you can mostly see the colorful ones, but that’s ok. You know how brown and black look like. 🙂

Muski salovi 008

Muski salovi 012

I have about twelve more shawls and scarves to weave, but I’m starting to feel less stressed because I finished A LOT! This adventure started over two months ago, and when it ends, I think I’ll open a bottle of champagne. 🙂 Well, it’s a good excuse for a nice drink, don’t you think?

13 thoughts on “For Men

  1. They look wonderful Sonja. I hope this venture has been successful for you to do. It is nice when we get to the end of a project and know it is finished and we have done a good job. 🙂

  2. Totally ! Every task accomplished does call for celebration 🙂 And, since this all looks so lovely- please do not stop at the champagne either 🙂

    I am curious about one thing though and since you are in the garment industry, might as well take the liberty of spilling it out anyway. How does one say what is for men and what is for women ? I mean as in like you get an order of say, a shawl, for a man. Does the gender of customer effect choice of colours and garment ? I mean it might be a stupid thing to ask- I don’t know. But for a science student like me, it is a bit difficult to grasp such things 😦

    • Tatsat, it’s a very logical question. In fact, when I weave for someone I don’t know in person (don’t know what colors they like, or what style etc) I have to think very carefully what to make. When I got this order for men’s scarves, I had only few directions regarding the width and the length, but that was good, a nice start. And the other “problem” was about what colors to use, although that “problem” gave me the opportunity to “have it my way” sort of speak. I could follow my imagination and my intuition, but I also decided to play safe a little, so no too vibrant colors and no wild patterns. So, to answer your question properly – men’s scarves are mostly not that wide as women’s, and a bit shorter with a shorter fringe if any. Also, the colors should be less vibrant. It’s not a rule, it’s just what most men wear. But I do like to see a red scarf on a man, or a pink one, why not.
      Thanks! 🙂

  3. Simply lovely! ❤

    And yeah, it's easy to let a man pick which scarf he would want out of a selection, but when you are commissioned to produce scarves specifically *for* men, one tends to play the safe route and go with more traditional "men's colors".

    I think it's a remarkable palette, regardless, with lots of color for those who want it!

  4. These scarves are perfect – Love the color themes you chose! Also, your photos of your work are very well done …

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