Inspired by Autumn

I still don’t like Autumn very much. But this stage, with brown and yellow and red, is amazing! I don’t want to think how it will look when all the leaves fall down and rain makes the ground look more like porridge than a colorful leafy carpet, instead I’m going to enjoy and draw inspiration from these lovely colors.

And here they are, two new shawls:

Same warp, different weft. I like. šŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Inspired by Autumn

  1. Sonja…you’ve captured well the inspiration of the season! I *love* autumn. If these are still in the order for the 50 shawls….I think there might be squabbling over getting these lovely fall shawls! Happy weaving!!

  2. I love autumn myself, – and like you not particularly when the rain turns everything dull. You have made some lovely and really autumn-warm and glowing shawls! Wonderful work, Sonja!!

      • When I see your shawls it pushes me to again want to make a wall loom. I’ve always loved the image of the Nordic looms, the ends hung with stones to weight the warp threads. For years I’ve imagined creating a loom on the back of my bedroom door, where I could make a shawl the height of the door, and it would never be something I had to push out of the way when company came over and needed room.

        This just makes me want to do that again! I love spinning yarn, and I have always enjoyed the soothing motion of weaving… gah! I really must do this!

  3. Your shawls are beautiful. as always. One day I am going to have to have one. I like the subdued ones but do you do bright? I would love to see one. I checked your ETSY but I guess you are working on the 40 order.

    • Terri I am glad you like my shawls and I would love to make something just for you! If you want that, just email me and I’ll make a combination of colors of your choice. Thank you! šŸ™‚

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