The Fall is Here

Well, I can’t say I am extremely excited about that, but ok. After Summer comes the Fall and I can’t stop it. Not that I hate Fall, I must admit it has some nice moments every year (lol), but when I think about falling leaves, falling, staying on the ground, not green on trees…you get the idea. 🙂 I am definitely a Spring person. Oh, that time of the year when everything is coming to life, the anticipation in the air, waiting for leaves and flowers to start popping out, that’s what I love!

But, I must say today was a lovely day, sunny and warm. Thank you Mother Nature. 🙂 So we went out for a nice walk.

I saw a leaf that looked like an Angel. Although my husband said it looked like an airplane. He is a pilot, so there’s an explanation. 🙂

And these bugs look like they have an African mask on their back. Wonderful!

Gorgeous flower

Belgrade in September:

Interesting shapes and texture:

Have a great weekend! 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Fall is Here

  1. I actually quite like autumn ,the beautiful colours and the misty mornings, but not the thought of the long dark nights and the never ending gloom.
    Lovely photos as always and nice to see the city,and Meda of course.

  2. I am a Spring/Summer person too. I do like Fall, but it always makes me a bit sad, because I know Winter is just around the corner. And I can do without Winter!
    I love taking photos of architectural details and these look wonderful. All that pattern and design and texture. Yummy.

  3. We all seem to feel the same- we could do without winter! I need the vit D, so spring summer is special for me… love to be out working/painting/felting in the garden… but I do love autumn colours and the dewy mornings- great photo ops! If I lived in Canada I would like winter more- real snow that lasts, no rain, some stability. What I hate about British weather is the unpredictability, and the length of grey, dreary, wet, foggy, miserable spells, it seems like we only get a few months in the summer that could be great, the rest is all pot luck. If I had the money I’d spend summers in hot places around the world, and winter in proper snowy places… the best of everything, yes please! xx

  4. Oh I love your “african mask” bugs! They do look exactly like it, too!

    I’m a fall person. Not because I don’t like the green, fresh renewal of spring, but because after long hot summers, fall is what I’m craving. The cool temperatures, the return of rains, the curling up in blankets with hot tea and books and kitties… I love the transition into winter just as much as I love the climb back out of it.

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