This and That from Greece

Hello lovely people! I wanted to share with you what I did while I was in Greece. I had so much fun (doing what people usually do on their vacations) 🙂  taking photos, relaxing, swimming, fishing

lol! That was my first catch! 🙂

I was writing in my “Greece journal” from day one,

and made a few child – like drawings in it.

I also crocheted tiny flowers

and played in my sketch book (or doodle book 🙂

It doesn’t seem like there was too much art going on, but at least I have something as a memory of Summer 2012. 🙂

Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “This and That from Greece

  1. How wonderful! I tend to take a journal to write and sketch and paint in, and then forget to actually do it. So I am glad you remembered to do it and you now have this beautiful keepsake!

  2. Those drawings are simply gorgeous! I love them! I think I lost my child-like drawing ability somewhere around 4th grade. Someday I hope to find it again ❤
    Is that watercolor you used on the pretty blue one?

  3. I agree with you! I have only four plants though, used to have more but now only four. One is Dracaena plant, and others I don’t know how would be called in English. But one is like a miniature orange, but it’s not a fruit, it just looks like that. 🙂

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