I’m Breathing Again

It’s been a couple of horrible days for me. My dog had some kind of small growth on his leg, and as he had a Lymphoma a few years ago, and me being a totally panicking type, I was afraid that it has come back.I can’t describe how worried I was.

Today we took Meda to the vet, and he said that it was just an infection. OMG I feel so relieved! I could cry now! I will open a bottle of wine later to celebrate.

Before all this I have been very busy making books and jewelry as many of my pieces were sold. Yay! πŸ™‚ But I did manage to find time to play a bit and alter a book, my first one actually. I chose to add some old photos of Belgrade, and the rest of the book I just painted and decorated a bit because I wanted it to be more like a journal. I like how it turned out.

I think I can relax now, make art and wait for the middle of August to go to Greece for a holiday. I SOOO need that!

Have a great day/night everyone! xo!


14 thoughts on “I’m Breathing Again

  1. So glad your dog is OK. And as always your work is beautiful. This looks like a great altered book and one where you could easily add in some personal journaling. I love it.

  2. Such a gorgeous book! (And it’s suddenly given me the most amazing idea! ❀ )
    And so very happy to hear about your dog, I've felt similar things and it always is just the worst feeling.

  3. I’m so glad to see that your pup is ok, Sonja! I can imagine the worry! Our pets are our children as well, right? This book is just wonderful!! ….what a perfect way to get back to center again after all this worry. You just keep making these fabulous books!!

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