This and that

Hi everyone! How are you? Having fun? šŸ™‚

I just wanted to show you some of my latest creations, because, to be honest, I needed to step away from some “not that nice” things that were going on lately, and just blog it away (if I could say it like that). Well, you know what I mean. It’s nice to put problems aside and dive into fabric and paper and beads…

So, here is something I made for my hubby.

What is it called? An accordion book? Or folder? I don’t know, but my husband has a ton of papers, bills and things like that, so this is going to be very useful. He loves it! And the thing is, I never made something like this before, so while I explored and had fun, I created a gift for him. I only wish I could embellished it more, lol!

Then, there are two new fabric covered journals with my handmade paper inside, and I just love the texture of both paper and fabric!

This one has a handwoven cover:

I do love to play with my fabric. This one is the same as the one I used to make those cute makeup bags.

The other journal also has a heart on the cover, which is no surprise. I am mad about hearts. šŸ™‚

And a bright and fun little album made with corrugated cardboard, my favorite material!

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “This and that

  1. They are all wonderful as always. I really like the one you made for your husband. It is often hard to make such things for men, but you did a great job making it masculine but still creative. Glad you can get away from everyday trials and troubles and play with your art.

  2. Dear Sonja – What can I say? I love the bill-fold that you made for your Hubby – To keep him organized – So thoughtful – What a beautiful, useable gift for him!

    I LOVE your fabric albums … I love fabric, as much as you do – I think … LOL … I love the hearts on the tops of them … Love hearts, the same as you do – No surprise there šŸ˜‰

    I love the smaller albums made with cardboard … I really do think you can make anything … There are no limits for you … Love your work!

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