Thank you Kit! :)

I have been awarded with Liebster Blog Award by a wonderful and talented Kit from This award is given to bloggers who inspire you and have less than 200 followers. The Liebster Award takes it’s name from the German word
meaning Beloved, Dearest or Favorite. I am honored to receive it! Thank you Kit! 🙂


As part of the tradition it is passed along to 5 bloggers that have
motivated and inspired.
To accept the award you must:
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you and thank them
2. Post the award to your blog
3. Give the award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers
that you appreciate and value.
4. Leave a comment on the 5 blogs to let them know that they have been offered this award.


My first Blog Award! Yay! 🙂


It was hard to choose only five blogs, and I guess I can’t give it back to Kit (which I would love to do) but here is my list:


Have a wonderful day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thank you Kit! :)

  1. Aw, Sonja, Thankyou soooo much!! What a lovely boost- and you do deserve it, so it’s a shame you can’t return the favour!

    HHmmm, now I’ve got to choose 5… not easy is it!

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