Play Day

It’s weekend, so it’s the perfect time to play, right?

It all started yesterday…

I pulled out my paper scraps, which were starting to take over every inch of free space around and on my desk and so had to be dealt with.

So I decided to make some tags and cards. You know that I don’t like to throw away anything. πŸ™‚

That was fun! And I have more scraps to use, so there will be more fun for me!

After that I had to play a bit in my Art Journal, you know, to have even more fun,LOL! I decided to use crayons, just to see what happens…

At first, these pages were very different, but then I realized that didn’t look good, kinda distracting, so I made some changes to the page on the right to make it a bit like it was my intention for the whole spread to look like this, hehehe. Successful or not, I like it. Crayons, acrylic paint, gluing, stamping, scraping, oh such a lovely mess!

But then I thought I would make another spread, because, you know, it was fun! πŸ™‚

Simple, but I’m happy with it! And it also made me discover something about my self – I like circles! πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day!



4 thoughts on “Play Day

  1. You should have fun!! It helps the process… it’s you. You like circles- I like spirals, just something about them…
    Looking good too, both the tags and the journal pages! xx

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