My New Journal

Yay! Recycling is the best! I made a journal using an unwanted calendar, a paper bag, some old beads, handmade beads, and paint. And because the calendar was so big, I have enough material for another journal!

I’ve cut a piece of the calendar to make the cover, and then wrapped it with painted paper bag.

And with beads on the spine, it now looks like this!

For the inside I left the bag unpainted. I like it that way.Β  (don’t mind the first page, it’s not finished,hehe)

But pages two and three are πŸ™‚

I have to admit, I am still a bit shy to show you my work because I can’t draw or paint, have no talent for it, but I think it would be good for me to face that fear. So, here I am, showing you my “art”. πŸ™‚

I am just happy that I used some trash and made something useful!

15 thoughts on “My New Journal

  1. Awesome…but looking at that I think you most definitely are an artist! Unlike my good self who just potters along but has enormous pleasure in doing so!

  2. What do you mean you can’t paint? If you can make a paper bag look like that, you most definitely can paint. I love the beaded spine.

  3. Sonja, I’m always so impressed with the beautiful creations you’ve made out of what most people would just throw away. This is fabulous! The beaded spine is such a great touch! You most definitely are an artist. Being able to paint pictures does not an artist make! This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. What nonsense, Sonja, of course you are an artist, I have seldom come across other persons that sparkle with so much creativity and make such beautiful things out of next-to-nothing!!
    I am amazed with every bvlog entry you make that you can keep it up!!!
    Good going, Sonja πŸ™‚

  5. I just received a beautiful old calendar that I intend to incorporate in my next journal pages. Your work is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing it. You certainly should not be concerned that you are not n ARTIST. Of course you are!! Everything you have shared is wonderful. xoxo

  6. I am not convinced that if I gave you a matchstick, paperclips and some fabric – You could build me a beautiful tent to live in … You continue to amaze me … Love how you take everyday things, whip them up into some beautiful and present them to us in such a fun way … Love ya, Sista!

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