My beads

After seeing the photo of my fabric necklace

some of my friends asked me to show them how I make these fabric beads. So, here we go! πŸ™‚

First you’ll need some cotton wool, rolled into a small ball.

Then take a stripe of fabric, about one inch wide (maybe a bit less) and 5-6 inches long. Wrap it around the ball in different directions, and secure with stitches.

As you can see, I like the “not neat” look. πŸ™‚

After adding a stitch here and a stitch there, it will look like this:

Then wrap it a few times with the thread that’s already on your needle, and secure it with a little knot:

Then add more thread in different colors, just for fun. πŸ™‚

All this bead needs now are beads!

And a friend! πŸ™‚

And that’s how I make them. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Have a great time making beads, and remember, once you start, it’s hard to stop! πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “My beads

  1. Excellent Sonja! Will give them a go when I get a spare 1/2
    One question- How do you string them? with thread through the middles, or sew each together? xx

  2. Sonja, I love your beads as well as the simple tutorial that you made for your blog. I would like to take a page from your book both in your bead technique for my fiber class for my girls and the tutorial how to very instructional and easy to understand. I have been trying to figure out how to do my how to videos. What did you use to create it? joy

  3. I am on it, Gal! Love these, too! I’m a ditsy redhead so also need to know what do you string them on? I am envisioning stringing them on fishing line but not sure. TFS and pat the pup for me, please and thank you! I miss mine sooooo much. XXX

  4. I have no idea how I missed this post – But I am catching up with you today – Love your demonstration of how you create this beautiful necklace … You are one of kind, My Dear Friend – Love how you put heart into everything you do ❀

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