Very small books :)

I’ve joined another swap at Milliande’s, and this time it’s a “Heart Pin Swap”. But for some reason I immediately started thinking about books, books with hearts, books in shape of a heart, etc. So, following my inspiration, I made my first batch:

Suede, handmade paper, wire hearts, fabric hearts and puff paint. Cute little books.

All they need now is a love message or a poem to be written in them. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Very small books :)

    • Thank you Ellen for visiting my blog, your comments mean so much to me!

      These books were made for a Swap, but I only need three, so two of them would be available. I could send you photos of those two if you are interested. Or if you have any wish, please contact me. I could list the book in my Etsy shop for you. Thank you for asking! 🙂 I wish I could take a class from you in double weave. Your weaving is amazing! xoxo!


  1. These are darling, Sonja! A few weeks back i made a tiny book (1 inch) but it wasn’t as stunning as yours. I was just noodling around, adding things I went. I must do more and perfect them as you have done. Lucky recipients who get them — whether on Milliande’s swap or on Etsy! Good luck! xoxo, Sadie
    ps I’ll add a picture on Hinges over at Milliande’s. See you there!

  2. love your little books I have only made the usual size so you may be starting me off on an addiction. They would be good to include in swaps as a little present

  3. Sonja, I love the idea of the heat books and giving it to someone that you love like with a love message in it… thanks for the inspiration. I always create the Valentine for my husband. I am going to make him a little heart book this year… I can also see these as pendents and made from fabric and collaged papers. Wow! Joy

  4. Wow! They blow me away Sonja…you are so creative and even more clever…thanks so much for sharing. I have been so inspired since joining Milliandes group thanks to people like you! Thank you, thank you, thank

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