This and that

Still too much to do and not enough time to play! But, loosing some sleep can give you time! Not the best idea I guess, but that’s all I could do! I really wanted to make something, well, just because. And as I have a TON of all kinds of bits and pieces that I just can’t throw away (does that sound familiar to you?) I decided to use some of that ‘treasure’ I collect. So I made a journal with recycled cardboard (of course), scraps of different papers that were just laying around, some packaging material that was great for making a flower, an old button, and some yarn . With just an hour or two late in the evening, I think this journal came out not so bad! 🙂

I love making journals, albums and notebooks. They are pretty, useful, and they make a great gift!

I also made some brooches, crocheted a spiral scarf (as requested by a customer), and then decided to play again (and loose some more sleep, lol) so I made a heart.

I make these hearts from time to time, even though I don’t know what to do with them. I just love hearts! Here are the ones I made some time ago:

I think I have a serious problem with letting go of the things I make. 🙂 Do you have that problem too?

11 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Those hearts are beautiful Sonja. I sometimes have a problem letting go of stuff too. Usually if I let it linger around my space for awhile, eventually I can let go of it.

  2. Love everything you make, Sonja – Where to begin? Loving the hearts (not a surprise to you, I know) … Yes, Sometimes I do have a difficult time giving things away … I have started keeping a photo of things I no longer have, so at least I can look in my photo album and see my progress through the years … Just a little trick that has worked for me …

  3. Photographing is very important to have a reminder of the past work, I agree with you K. Although I do occasionally forget to take photos and then I get angry with my self. I just sold two scarves which I forgot to photograph. Bad me.
    Thank you for your kind words about my work Soul Sister. 🙂

  4. Love all your work! I don’t know how you do it sometimes…. a journal of scraps that looks immaculate! and such cute little hearts, each uniquely beautiful.
    I’m hoping to get my Etsy store going soon, you should put your work on one- it would fly off!
    I had trouble selling my paintings years back, because they took so long to do. With scans and prints I don’t worry so much now… and yes- photograph everything you make!!
    Happy creating,

  5. Kal I did open my Etsy shop, and I hope to add more things soon! Thank you for being so supportive.
    I’m happy you bought the Big Shot, it’s fun to use! I waited over a year for mine! 🙂

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