Late Summer Photos and a Giveaway

Just some pics of my neighbourhood – a flower here, a texture there, and my doggie of course. 🙂

And now comes the fun part: I decided to give a little something away as a “Thank you” to the readers of my blog. I started blogging only six months ago, and I’m enjoying it immensely! I made this velvet bag in pearl – white color, and embellished it with a doily that my grandmother,who died several years ago, crocheted. So it has a sentimental value, well, for me that is :-). I added white buttons just to make it a little bit more fun, and there you have a 9,5 x 7,5 inch bag, very soft and feminine.

So if you like it, leave a comment or just say “Hi” and I’ll randomly pick a winner and post the name on Monday 12th of September.

Thank you for visiting my blog, big hugs to all! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Late Summer Photos and a Giveaway

  1. Hi Sonja.
    That is just so amusing! My grandmother used to make these ages ago too 🙂
    I kept them for many years but recently decided to get rid of them. I do not have your talent for making fab things out of anything you come across!!

  2. Sonja how wonderful to be giving the chance to own a piece of your handiwork and how lovely that you have memories of your Grandmother in it.

    Can you also please give your beautiful Labrador a hug from Wilson and me.

  3. Since my dear friend Ellen from Denmark for some reason can’t post comment on my blog, I’ll copy her comment from her email, just to make it count for Monday. 🙂 Here it is:

    “I tried to make a comment on your blog again yesterday, but I don’t think I succeeded? I am fascinated by your creativity!!!! There is no end to the lovely ideas you come up with!”

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