Two minutes bookmarks

These were so easy and fast to make that I couldn’t stop at just one. Nothing special, no big deal, just some scarps of paper and a bit of puff paint. Oh, and a stitch or two. 🙂 Well, you could make them without stitching, just use some glue. I still have a lot more scraps, so next time I’ll be making some cute tags and small cards, or even handmade business cards. So many ideas that take almost no time and no money!

And that’s another way to use leftovers and to play very late at night…ummm, who, me? No, I go to bed early! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Two minutes bookmarks

  1. Sonja – Perhaps we could have a “Crafting Afternoon” – Someday – You could teach me so much – Love what you do, in no time at all … Love the Heart Bookmark the best (No surprise there) … Love them all … I also love the Music Notes, Nice touch … I also have a liking to Butterflies … We think so much alike … Everything you touch seems to turn to gold … Happy Weekend, My Dear Friend …

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