What made me happy today

Do you have those days when nothing goes right? That was the case with me this weekend. I started making a purse with some of my handwoven fabric, and it just didn’t want to cooperate. My seams weren’t straight, the fabric was stretching, it was a disaster. Then, I started making a cake using a recipe from the Internet, and again, no success. It will be eaten, no worries there, but it’s not as it should be. I also wanted to make some blueberry jam, and I burned it. Well, that’s because I was struggling with the purse, so I forgot to check on the jam! 🙂 Also, I tried sewing some velvet for a lady who wanted small velvet bags, and it was as if it was alive, wiggling under the needle and making my job a torture! I did finish them but after so much trouble that I don’t want to do that again! The only thing that turned out ok is this little loveliness:

Here is the back, open so you can see the leaves better. I used handwoven fabric, my hand carved stamp, fabric paint and stitching:

It perfectly accommodates a passport, or a bigger cell phone, but I’m going to use it for hankies. A lady should always keep her hankies in something beautiful, right? 🙂

This morning I stitched some velcro to it for closure, and that means it was finished today, so I will count that as a first thing that made me happy.

The second thing was a message I received from Monika – http://storiesofpearlsandplunder.blogspot.com/, who said that I am one of the few ladies (randomly picked) that will receive a bonus ATC in the “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” ATC Swap at Milliande’s. That was so nice to hear! I’ve never “won” anything before, so for my name to be drawn amongst six, was great! Thank you Monika!

And another thing that made me happy today was an envelope from Ireland! Helen Goulty hosted an ATC Swap themed “Unusual shaped ATC’s” also at Milliande’s, and two gorgeous cards have arrived!

Aren’t they lovely? The one on the right was made by Anne Trudell from Canada, and it opens up to show some beautiful flowers!

The other card was made by Deedee Forrester and it’s very shimmery. I loooove shimmer!

Both are very colorful and show so much creativity. Love them!

Helen Also sent me some postage stamps and lovely ribbons and papers that are so gorgeous! Thank you so much Helen! I didn’t expect extra goodies, and that was another surprise for me today! I will use them in my projects; actually, I already have a few ideas.

So, after a “not very successful crafting” weekend, some lovely things happened and now I’m smiling! To show you how happy I am, here is an embarrassing “cookie smile” photo of me (it’s never too late to go completely nuts!).

9 thoughts on “What made me happy today

  1. Sonja – I LOVE the cellphone/tissue holder – I really like the leaves (You make your own stamps? Do tell …) – CONGRATS on winning the ATC’s, such great fun when we win something – I had the same experience last week, more on this in an upcoming post – The Unusual Shaped ATC’s are wonderful … I could picture them as pins on denim or linen jacket for Fall … and I love your Cookie Eyes … Love how you can laugh when life is not enjoyable – Hoping for brighter days ahead for you …
    Soul Sister Hugs,

  2. Glad you got some balance after the bad day. They can be soooo frustrating and there are days when you feel you just should have stayed in bed! Glad today was muuuch better and to receive so much in one day! Beautiful weaving and bag!

  3. It’s so nice to see things turning around for you! That little ’tissue’ bag is so sweet! Wow! Hand painted ON handwoven! Very sweet! These cards are amazing as well…I should probably know this, but what does ATC mean? What a creative group of people you are surrounded by!

  4. Thank you so much Linda! ATC’s are Artist Trading Cards and they are made to be given, not sold. A nice way to present your own art and to have a small piece of art from other artists as an inspiration. 🙂

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